Skin Breaking Out in Lockdown?

During lockdown I have had a large number of people reaching out to me for advice on the same problem.

‘Why is my skin is breaking down during lockdown?’

 I know some have been confused by this problem because basically they say

 ‘I feel like I’m not wearing any makeup. I’m not getting as much contact with outdoor pollution. I’m not getting as much sun exposure. All of those kinds of things so, why is my skin breaking out?’

The enquiries that I have received include issues with increased oiliness, increased spottiness, the large, cystic type acne lesions. Essentially these are lots of different acne type presentations.

My take on this is that I think that this period of time that we are going through at the moment is a little bit like the Christmas time.

I am not suggesting by any stretch that it is fun like Christmas. But what I do mean is I think there are some lifestyle similarities which are wreaking havoc with our skin.

Being on lockdown has meant that many of us are indoors a lot, especially when the weather has been bad.

I think that there is a lot of comfort eating going on.

We are eating more carbs, more processed foods.

We are consuming more alcohol.

UV rays themselves (despite their harmful effects do have some beneficial effects on issues like acne. (Obviously, we are always telling you to use SPF and you should, but SPF does not completely block out UV rays, and there is a little bit of benefit to you from those rays.)

We are stressed. Even those people who are getting on fine at home it is still a stressful period.

We are living on top of each other. There are children at home who need teaching and entertaining.

 Many people have got some kind of financial issues.

Regardless, the whole situation is very strange, we are unaccustomed to being told what to do and when to do it.

 Stress will trigger the release of hormones, again, which can have a negative effect on the skin. We know that stress affects the skin.

We are less physically active and for those who have noted a little weight gain, that is going to have an effect on the hormones.

So unfortunately there are many factors that are working against your skin currently.

Now, what you do not want to hear is that there are no quick fixes to this.

 First things first, try and make any small lifestyle improvements you can manage.

Reduce alcohol intake

Reduce intake of carbohydrates

Increase activity (ideally outdoors)

Reduce overall calorie consumption

Drink more water

Wash your face thoroughly morning & evening

If none of that is helpful, you can think about some in clinic treatments, but we are not currently able to do that.

So here a couple of suggestions that have been working really well with my clients.

 The ZO Sulfur Mask is a blue sulfur mask, a clay type material. This can be used  two or three times a week to  help reduce oil production & bacteria. Also, it doubles up as a spot treatment, so you can just literally apply it to the blemishes and it helps dry those out quickly. So that is a nice, easy one, a one- product simple solution.

Another option is to be like Frankie Bridge, her favourite skin solution as posted on her Instagram page recently is the pH Formula AC Resurfacing Kit.

 This includes a cleanser to use both morning & evening, a day cream, a hydrator and a night cream. This snazzy little kit is also available for different skin types (ageing, pigmented, chronic redness).

If you would like any personal advice don’t forget you can book a video consultation.

For any of the products mentioned please contact us in the usual way.

Stay safe!

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