Thread Vein Treatment: Microsclerotherapy Solutions

Microsclerotherapy effectively eliminates leg thread veins, offering a clear and vein-free appearance.

The Process and Benefits of Microsclerotherapy

Microsclerotherapy is a treatment using tiny injections to banish unwanted thread veins from the legs. Spider veins, also called thread veins, are like varicose veins but smaller.


Thread Vein Treatment: from £250

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it for Me?

This treatment is suitable for people who have thread veins only. If you have varicose veins, it is really important that these are treated first.

Tiny injections are carefully placed to target these unsightly vessels. The injections will cause the vessels to shut down and disappear.

Immediately after treatment, you will notice that your legs look worse. Bruising can take around six weeks to settle before you notice any improvements.

Most people will need four treatments with fours weeks in between each. Some may need more than this, some may need less.

Following treatment you need to wear compression tights (provided by the clinic) for two weeks. This is the perfect winter treatment, getting your legs ready to show off in the summer.

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