PRP Facials and Hair Treatments in London (PRP/Platelet Rich Plasma Injections)

Platelet-Rich-Plasma provides the ultimate natural treatment to improve your skin. Supercharge your result by adding premium-grade hyaluronic acid to your treatment.

PRP Facials: A Natural Pathway to Revitalized Skin

Harnessing the healing power within our very own blood, PRP facials have paved their way to becoming one of the most sought-after aesthetic treatments at London Professional Aesthetics. The science behind it is captivatingly simple, yet profoundly effective. The body naturally produces platelets, a type of blood cell that aids in healing and clotting. Within these platelets are growth factors, powerful proteins that facilitate skin repair and regeneration.

A PRP facial starts with a basic blood draw. The extracted blood is then processed in a centrifuge, a machine separating the plasma from other blood components. It’s this plasma, rich in platelets, that becomes the golden ingredient for the treatment.

By isolating the platelets and growth factors from a small sample of the patient’s plasma, this procedure is designed to rejuvenate the skin from within, resulting in a more youthful and radiant appearance. When the enriched plasma is reintroduced to the skin, often using superficial injection techniques for better absorption, it promotes collagen production, accelerates tissue repair, and enhances skin elasticity.

Patients who have undergone PRP facials at clinics at LPA have reported a range of benefits. There’s the obvious visual enhancement: a brighter complexion, reduced wrinkles, more even skin tone, and improved skin texture. But beyond the superficial, many note that their skin feels healthier, more resilient, and revitalized.

While PRP facials are a standalone treatment, they can also complement other procedures. For individuals looking for a comprehensive facial rejuvenation plan, integrating PRP facials with other treatments can offer synergistic results.

It’s also worth noting the minimal downtime associated with PRP facials. Unlike some aggressive skin treatments, the PRP facial lets patients return to their daily activities almost immediately, making it a favourite for those who don’t wish to interrupt their busy London lives.

Lastly, the natural basis of PRP facials — using your own natural materials — means that allergic reactions or adverse side effects are incredibly rare. It’s a holistic approach to beauty, where the body heals and enhances itself.

At London Professional Aesthetics, led by the dedicated Clinical Director Elizabeth Rimmer, patients are assured of a treatment that’s both scientifically grounded and expertly delivered.

The Process

As with our entire menu of treatments, PRP starts with a consultation. The purpose of this is not only to ensure your medical suitability and safety but to also make sure that this treatment will be the most likely to meet your needs. Once we have agreed on suitability, the next step is to advise you of the best regimen. For most, a course of treatments is recommended with PRP, however, it can be used as a ‘red carpet’ skin treatment in advance of a special event.

Your platelet-rich plasma therapy takes place in one of our treatment rooms in our London clinic. Before treating, we will numb the area with a local anaesthetic. We use a super strong numbing cream. A small sample of blood will be taken from your arm. This sample is placed in our centrifuge system and spun for 5 minutes. If we are treating your skin, you have the option to ‘supercharge’. This means that your blood will be mixed with a premium-grade hyaluronic acid as it is spun. This highly powerful solution is then used to rejuvenate your skin.

Whether you have a hair density treatment, a skin treatment or indeed a combination treatment, once the treatment is done, any remaining solution is massaged into the skin where it can be readily absorbed through the tiny pinprick holes – we don’t want to waste a single drop! If you have a skin treatment, you may notice your skin looks a little pink straight afterwards, this will settle quickly. Similarly, if we have injected it into the scalp, you will see that the area treated looks a little greasy. Either we ask you not to wash for a few hours following treatment.

Vampire Facial: Beyond the Name, Unveiling the Magic

While its name might evoke thoughts of gothic tales and eerie nights, the Vampire Facial is far from a fable. This innovative procedure, known formally as the PRP facial, stands out for its astonishing skin-rejuvenating capabilities.

The title ‘vampire facial’ as commonly happens, was conjured by the press as it involves using your own blood to revitalize the skin. It might sound like a fad, but the results are undeniably real and hence its longevity as a treatment has stayed.

The procedure involves drawing a small amount of blood, similar to a routine blood test. This sample is then placed into a centrifuge, which spins at high speeds to separate the plasma from other blood components. This plasma, when enriched with platelets containing vital growth factors, is the main component of the Vampire Facial.

After the separation process, there are a variety of techniques employed. Microneedling or mesotherapy or nappage techniques create tiny punctures in the skin, allowing the PRP to penetrate deeper and work its magic from within. The micro-injuries from the needling prompt the skin to heal and produce collagen, and when combined with the growth factors from the PRP, the result is a complexion that’s not just smoother and firmer, but also more radiant. This treatment can be delivered in several ways – your practitioner will assess and decide the best way forward for you.

Contrary to the slightly intimidating name, the Vampire Facial is relatively painless, with minimal discomfort. The touch of the microneedles might be new for some, but any sensation is typically fleeting and manageable. All treatments are preceded with some numbing cream, at LPA we opt for the strongest numbing cream available.

The Vampire Facial, as offered by London Professional Aesthetics in EC1, isn’t just about aesthetics. It can address a range of skin concerns: from fine lines and sun damage to uneven skin tone and texture. The procedure tailors to the individual, ensuring each patient reaps the most benefits.

While individuals need to have a consultation with professionals like the team at LPA before opting for the procedure, it’s universally agreed upon that the Vampire Facial is more than just a trend; it’s a testament to how modern science can harness natural processes for incredible aesthetic results. It emerged as a treatment some years back and was seen then somewhat as a novelty, fast forward to 2023 and its uses and results are ever-growing. Many of our clients are benefiting from PRP.

Harnessing PRP for Hair Revival: Unlocking Potential

In the world of aesthetics and hair restoration, Plasma therapy is gaining momentum, not just for its skin-rejuvenating properties but also for its remarkable hair growth potential. London Professional Aesthetics, recognizing the transformational power of this treatment, brings its patients the most advanced PRP therapies for hair concerns.

At its core, PRP hair treatment capitalizes on the natural physiological processes. The growth factors present in the plasma are known to stimulate hair follicles, encouraging them to produce stronger, denser, and healthier hair strands. For those battling thinning hair or early stages of hair loss, PRP comes as a beacon of hope.

Here’s how it works:

  1. A blood sample is taken from the patient, much like in the PRP facial procedure.
  2. The blood undergoes centrifugation to separate the enriched plasma.
  3. This plasma, rich in platelets and growth factors, is then strategically injected into areas of the scalp where hair loss is most evident.

Over time, these growth factors invigorate dormant hair follicles, prompting them to enter the active growth phase. The result? Thicker hair strands, reduced hair fall, and an overall more voluminous appearance.

It’s imperative to understand that while PRP hair treatment offers promising outcomes, it’s not a one-time magic potion. Multiple sessions, typically spread over several months, are often needed to achieve and maintain optimal results. This is where an initial consultation becomes paramount. The experienced team at London Professional Aesthetics meticulously assesses each patient’s hair concerns, tailoring the PRP treatment to their unique needs.

Furthermore, PRP hair treatment stands out as a minimally invasive alternative, especially when compared to hair transplants. There’s no scarring or minimal discomfort, and most patients can resume their regular activities soon after the procedure. (It is often advised by hair transplant surgeons as an adjunctive treatment to help with maintaining and maximising results from transplants.

In essence, PRP hair treatment at LPA bridges the gap between non-invasive aesthetic procedures and surgical hair restoration methods. It offers patients a chance to reignite their hair’s natural growth cycle, harnessing their innate healing properties.

Injections: The Precision of PRP Delivery

When we think of aesthetic treatments, injections often come to mind. But it’s essential to understand that not all injections are the same. At London Professional Aesthetics, we take immense pride in our ability to administer treatments with the utmost precision, and PRP injections are no exception.

The process of delivering PRP – whether it be for facials or hair treatments – hinges on accuracy. The plasma containing concentrated platelets and growth factors needs to be delivered to the exact locations where regeneration and repair are required.

  1. The Right Depth: For PRP treatments targeting skin rejuvenation, the injections are more superficial, targeting the layers where skin cells are renewed. For hair treatments or targetting scars, the depth is slightly deeper, ensuring the scalp, hair follicles and deeper tissues receive the nourishing benefits of the plasma.

  2. The Right Quantity: The amount of PRP injected varies based on the treatment area and the patient’s unique needs. Over-injecting or under-injecting can impact the efficacy of the treatment. Our skilled team is trained to gauge the right quantity, ensuring optimal outcomes.

  3. The Right Technique: Injections aren’t just about puncturing the skin. The angle, the method and technique of delivery, and even the post-injection massage play a role in the overall success of the procedure.

  4. Safety First: Sterility and hygiene are of paramount importance. Each step, right from drawing the blood to processing it and administering the PRP, is done with the highest standards of cleanliness and safety in mind.

Potential side effects of PRP injections are minimal but can include mild swelling or redness at the injection site, which typically subsides within a day or two. An essential part of our consultation process involves discussing potential reactions and addressing any concerns our patients might have.

In essence, PRP injections at LPA are not just about introducing growth factors into the skin or scalp; it’s a carefully orchestrated process ensuring that each patient receives the full benefits of this revolutionary therapy. With a combination of expert training and state-of-the-art technology, we aim to deliver PRP treatments that stand out in their efficacy and safety. 

Platelet-Rich Plasma: Nature's Healing Elixir

When we sustain an injury, the body instinctively begins the process of healing. One of the critical components of this mechanism is the platelet-rich plasma (PRP). So, what exactly is this, and why has it become such a popular aesthetic treatment at London Professional Aesthetics?

Platelet-rich plasma is a component of your blood that contains special proteins, or growth factors, which assist in the healing of tissues. These growth factors are pivotal in many body functions, from stimulating hair growth to rejuvenating skin cells.

How is PRP derived? The process is surprisingly straightforward. A small sample of the patient’s blood is drawn, similar to a routine blood test. This blood is then placed in a centrifuge, which spins at high speeds. The spinning causes the blood components to separate, allowing for the extraction of the PRP. The result is a concentration of platelets in plasma that is five to ten times richer than usual.

Why is PRP so effective in treatments? The answer lies in the body’s natural healing capabilities. When PRP is reintroduced into specific areas of the skin or scalp, it acts as a catalyst, amplifying the body’s innate ability to repair and regenerate.

  • For the skin: PRP promotes collagen production, which is crucial for maintaining skin elasticity and vitality. This boost in collagen results in a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, a more even skin tone, and an overall youthful touch.

  • For the hair: PRP stimulates dormant hair follicles, encouraging them to enter the active growth phase. This not only helps in reducing hair thinning but also in promoting denser, healthier hair.

Incorporating PRP in Multiple Treatments: Given its potent regenerative capabilities, PRP is not limited to facials or hair treatments alone. It’s being integrated into several other therapies, including orthopaedic procedures. Similar to Botox in its breadth of use is important to know because it means that there is a huge amount of research going into this treatment.

At London Professional Aesthetics, we’re enthusiastic about the transformative power of platelet-rich plasma. Our nurses are highly trained in the nuances of PRP treatments, ensuring you receive the optimum benefits of this natural wonder.

The exciting world of PRP treatments beckons, promising a blend of nature’s prowess with cutting-edge science. As always, our primary focus remains on your safety, comfort, and satisfaction. 

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PRP and Hair Growth: A Natural Solution to Hair Thinning and Loss

Hair is often tied closely to self-esteem and identity. The distressing reality of hair loss has led individuals worldwide to seek effective solutions. London Professional Aesthetics offers a groundbreaking solution with PRP treatments aimed specifically at hair growth.

Why Hair Loss Occurs: There are a myriad of reasons one might experience hair thinning or loss, from genetic predisposition to hormonal imbalances and even stress. The ageing process also naturally affects the density and health of hair, leading many to seek rejuvenation treatments.

Harnessing the Power of PRP for Hair: Platelet-rich plasma, rich in growth factors, has demonstrated exceptional capabilities in promoting hair growth. When introduced into the scalp via injections, these growth factors stimulate the hair follicles, pushing them from the dormant phase into the active growth phase.

  • Dormant Hair Follicles: Over time, some hair follicles go into a dormant state, leading to hair thinning. PRP therapy acts as a wake-up call for these follicles, reminding them of their primary function.

  • Increased Blood Flow: PRP treatment also increases blood circulation to the hair follicles. This enhanced flow ensures that the follicles receive an increased amount of nutrients and oxygen, both of which are vital for healthy hair growth.

  • Strengthening Existing Hair: It’s not just about growing new hair. PRP treatments also fortify and thicken the hair strands, making them more resilient to breakage and environmental damage.

Consistent Results: The beauty of PRP treatment for hair lies in its consistency. Most patients undergoing this treatment at London Professional Aesthetics have reported a noticeable difference in the thickness, texture, and overall health of their hair. While individual results may vary based on the root cause of hair loss and other individual factors, PRP treatments have shown remarkable efficacy in a significant number of cases. 

PRP: Beyond Facial Rejuvenation to Body Care

While PRP treatments have risen in prominence for facial rejuvenation, the potential of this therapy extends to various parts of the body, addressing a range of aesthetic and therapeutic concerns. At London Professional Aesthetics, we harness the full potential of PRP, utilizing its natural healing properties to treat numerous body conditions and enhance overall skin health.

Harnessing your  Healing Powers: Platelet-rich plasma is derived from the patient’s own blood, making it a biocompatible and natural treatment option. These platelets are packed with growth factors that stimulate collagen production, promote cell turnover, and accelerate the healing processes.

PRP for Body Rejuvenation:

  • Stretch Marks and Scarring: Often seen on the abdomen, thighs, and other areas, stretch marks and scars can be significantly reduced using PRP. When injected, the growth factors in PRP help to remodel scar tissue, leading to smoother and more even-toned skin. Remember that ‘fresher’ or newer scars are always more amenable to improvement.

  • Cellulite Treatment: The dimpled appearance caused by cellulite can be challenging to treat. PRP can enhance skin elasticity and thickness, reducing the visible signs of cellulite.

Body Contouring with PRP: While PRP alone won’t melt fat or drastically alter the body’s shape when combined with other treatments, it can optimize results. For example, after a liposuction procedure, PRP can aid in skin tightening and improve the appearance and texture of the treated area. If you are undergoing such treatment, you may well be advised to consider adjunctive PRP.

Safety and Biocompatibility: Because PRP uses the patient’s blood, there’s a minimal risk of allergic reactions or complications. This natural treatment can be used in conjunction with other therapies, amplifying results without compromising safety.

The Power of Platelets: Nature's Healing Elixirs in PRP

A single drop of blood contains millions of platelets, and their primary role is to clot the blood and facilitate wound healing. However, the use of these platelets in aesthetic medicine has unveiled a plethora of benefits that go beyond their primary function. Here at London Professional Aesthetics, we love the potency of these platelets in offering PRP treatments as our patients tell us of the benefits they notice.

Platelets: A Biological Marvel Platelets are tiny, disc-shaped cells floating in our bloodstream. While they are mainly known for clotting blood, they are packed with growth factors and proteins that play a vital role in healing injuries. These growth factors stimulate cells to regenerate and proliferate, speeding up the healing of damaged tissues.

Why PRP Focuses on Platelets: The essence of PRP therapy lies in the concentration of platelets. When a sample of blood is taken, it’s subjected to centrifugation, a process that separates and concentrates these platelets. The result is a plasma solution that’s rich in platelets, several times more than what’s typically found in the blood.

Platelets in Facial Rejuvenation: In PRP facials, the concentrated platelet solution is introduced into the skin. The surge in growth factors activates the skin’s natural regenerative processes, boosts collagen production, and revitalizes the skin at a cellular level. The outcome is a refreshed, youthful complexion with reduced signs of ageing.

Platelets and Hair Regrowth: The same regenerative properties that benefit the skin can be applied to the scalp. When PRP is introduced to areas of thinning hair, the growth factors stimulate the hair follicles, promoting stronger, thicker, and more vibrant hair growth. 

Meet Our Team: The Pioneers Behind PRP Excellence at London Professional Aesthetics

Choosing a treatment as intimate and personal as PRP means entrusting your well-being and appearance to a team of professionals. At London Professional Aesthetics (LPA), our team is more than just a group of trained individuals. As a small clinic, we are passionate about offering expert services with great results because each and every treatment is so important to us. We thrive on the recommendations of our clients to their friends and family and the testimonials that are left.

Customised Care with a Personal Touch: At LPA, we believe that every individual is unique, and so should their treatment plan. Our team, with a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the human body and the personality of our clients, tailor PRP procedures to resonate with each patient’s specific needs. This personal touch ensures that every procedure, be it a facial or hair treatment, aligns perfectly with the individual’s expectations and aspirations.

Ongoing Training and Innovation: The world of aesthetic medicine is ever-evolving. Our team remains at the forefront of this evolution, continuously updating their knowledge, mastering the latest techniques, and ensuring that LPA remains a centre of excellence in the PRP world. Whether it’s the latest PRP-intensive procedures or innovations in therapy, our team is always a step ahead, ensuring that our patients receive only the best.

A Seamless Experience: From the moment you step into our clinic for a consultation to the post-procedure care, our team ensures a seamless, stress-free experience. Your comfort and satisfaction are paramount, and every team member plays their part in ensuring this.

Your PRP Journey Begins: The Consultation Experience at London Professional Aesthetics

The path to enhanced beauty and renewed confidence with PRP treatments at London Professional Aesthetics (LPA) begins with a pivotal step: consultation. It’s the cornerstone of our holistic approach and every single treatment, ensuring that each patient’s unique needs and aspirations are meticulously understood and addressed.

Understanding Your Desires: The consultation is more than a mere formality; it’s an essential conversation. It’s where you, our valued patient, share your aesthetic aspirations, concerns, and questions. Whether you’re seeking rejuvenation through a PRP facial, hoping to address hair loss, or considering another one of our PRP treatments, this session is dedicated entirely to you.

Assessing with Expertise: Our team’s expertise shines brightly during the consultation. With a deep understanding of the human body, scalp nuances, and the magic of platelet-rich plasma, our specialists will carefully assess your needs. This meticulous examination ensures that the chosen PRP therapy or procedure aligns perfectly with your goals, setting the stage for optimal results.

Safety and Transparency: We believe in an informed decision-making process. During the consultation, every aspect of the PRP procedure, from the extraction of platelets to the injections and expected outcomes, is discussed transparently. Any potential side effects or concerns are addressed, ensuring you are fully aware and confident in your treatment choice.

Tailored Treatment Plans: Post assessment, our team crafts a bespoke PRP treatment plan, curated especially for you. Whether it’s a single session or a series of treatments, we ensure that each step of the plan is in harmony with your aesthetic desires.

A Glimpse into the Future: Using state-of-the-art tools and their vast experience, our team provides patients with a realistic expectation of post-procedure outcomes. This allows you to visualise the transformative journey ahead, building excitement and confidence. 

Treatment Costs

One of the most frequently asked questions for any treatment, is ‘How much will this cost?’.

LPA clinic offers a single PRP session for just £300. A course of 3 treatments to reduce hair loss or to improve skin is £850 and should you wish to experience the ultimate Super Charged PRP (the most effective skin treatment) the cost is £1300.

In Conclusion

Consultation at LPA isn’t just a step; it’s the beginning of a transformative journey. It sets the tone for everything that follows, ensuring that your PRP experience is built on a foundation of trust, expertise, and personalized care. When you walk out of your initial consultation, you’ll do so with a clearer vision of the future, a tailored treatment plan, and the comforting knowledge that you’re in the best hands at London Professional Aesthetics.


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during the treatment?

During your treatment, we take a small amount of blood from you which is then placed into our centrifuge which separates the plasma rich protein from the blood.

We use this growth factor packed solution as a serum which is injected into the area we want to treat using a fine needle.

PRP is delivered using a fine needle so is really comfortable but just to ensure your comfort we will apply a strong numbing cream to the area before injecting.

For skin treatments you will get an instant glow and feel the difference immediately. However this is a treatment that should be delivered in a series of 3 treatments to get the best results (this is imperative for hair thinning treatments).

PRP is a highly effective way to stimulate hair growth. This can be combined with Biotin injections, scalp treatments and hair transplant procedures. PRP for thinning hair is suitable for both men & women, for age related and hormone related hair thinning.

In order to minimise risk of bruising, avoiding alcohol & Ibuprofen the day before treatment is a good idea. It is always helpful to attend your appointment makeup free.

PRP can be delivered to specific areas of concern. Most commonly, it can be used around the eye – in the upper & lower lid. These areas are often avoided due to the thin skin but PRP is one of the only non-filler treatment options that are suitable. Bruising can be more likely in this area, so always plan for a bruise.

You can supercharge your treatment by adding a premium grade Hyaluronic Acid to your plasma. This will help to maximise the benefits of your PRP by intensifying hydration and prolonging the results of your PRP. The addition of Hyaluronic Acid will intensify your results and is highly recommended when targeting specific areas of fine lines, sagging and dehydration.

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