Excessive Sweating Treatment with Botox®: A New Beginning

Address excessive sweating with Botox®: Fast, minimally invasive treatment with lasting effects.

Treatment Process and Results

Excessive armpit sweating (primary axillary hyperhidrosis) can affect men and women alike.

It can be uncomfortable and inconvenient in as much as restricting choice of clothing and requiring frequent washing both of clothes and skin. Some people can manage this problem but for some the embarrassment causes some people to feel really self conscious and inhibited.

This problem can be treated using small doses of Botox®. The armpits are marked out with a quick procedure to identify where the sweat glands are and then injections distributed across those areas.

It is quick and relatively painless. Results are apparent within 4- 7 days and can last between 4 – 7 months.

All clients will need a minimum of 2 vials, if you have a more severe problem or are a man you will likely require 3 vials.


Excessive Sweating Treatment: from £375

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