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Have you joined your LPA list yet?

You have the option of 3 different memberships to help you plan your treatments here at LPA -  simply save and pay -

  • No interest rates.
  • No commitment.
  • Option to redeem your savings in clinic against any treatment at any time.

Your options

Choose Silver and you will put £50 away every month to put towards your Botox treatments when you come in & get 5% off all other treatments & skincare.

The Gold membership will earn you 1 vial Botox 4 times / year for £80 pcm (with a saving if £36) in addition to 7.5% off all other treatments & skincare.

The Platinum membership will earn you 2 vials Botox 4 times / year for £125 pcm in addition to 10% off all other treatments & skincare.

Added Benefits:

Every membership will give you a discount (between 5-10%) off all other treatments & skincare in addition to  access to our priority booking.


You may cancel this at any time but any payments you have already made are non refundable.


You may use your allowance from the day you start saving.

You may cancel any time but you will not be entitled to a refund of any amount you have accrued - this must be used in clinic.

All treatments other than Botox will be charged with 5-10% discount.

Once subscribed your card will be automatically charged each calendar month for 12 months.

Card details are securely processed by Stripe

Card details are not saved on the LPA website and are not viewable by LPA staff



Terms and Conditions


The contract shall commence from the date your first payment starts and continues until such time as you wish to terminate. (See Termination)


You must let your Treatment Provider know if your medical circumstances change in any way. Some medical conditions (such as pregnancy) may mean you are unable to  
continue with your treatment schedule. If you are unable to continue, you may put your Membership Plan on hold. With 30 days’ notice in writing, we permit termination of your Membership Plan and in such circumstances we may calculate the retail price of any treatments received and reconcile this against the payments you have made. You will be liable for any underpayment. The current retail prices are available upon request, and are liable to change.

Termination / hold

LPA may change rules and regulations to comply with applicable laws. LPA reserves the right to change your Membership Plan, privileges and pricing with 30 days’ notice.  
There may be times where you might need to put your Membership on hold due to temporary relocation or medical circumstances, such as extended illness or pregnancy;  
a. You may hold your Membership for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of nine months. A minimum of one payment must have been made before a Membership Plan  
is eligible to be put on hold.  
b. When your Membership Plan is put on hold, payments are suspended and you may not access treatment or benefits for the duration of the hold period.  
d. At the end of your Membership Plan hold period, payments will continue with your next scheduled electronic funds transfer (EFT) date. Terms, conditions, rules and  
regulations of the original Membership Plan agreement continue to apply through the continued Membership Plan term.  
e. Your Membership Plan must be activated a minimum of 30 days before it can be put on hold again.  
You may cancel your Membership Plan with at least 30 days advanced written notice to the Clinic (i.e. email request to [email protected]). If your Membership Plan is cancelled, LPA will calculate the usual price of any products and treatments received at the current retail price and reconcile this against the payments you have made and you will be liable for repayment to the clinic for any underpayment. Any unused services will expire when your Membership Plan ends.

Your obligations

Your plan is not transferrable or ‘shareable’ with anyone other than yourself. In line with clinic policy you must cancel / postpone any booked appointments within 24 hours of the booking. Any failure to do this resulting in non attendance or rescheduling (with less than 24 hours’ notice) will accrue a cancellation fee of £50 and needs to be recovered prior to rescheduling the treatment. This may be done by way of an additional online payment.

By agreeing to your chosen plan you agree to the relevant monthly payment. If this payment request is returned ‘unpaid’ by the due date, LPA may suspend treatments until payment has been made in full. You are not entitled to make any deduction or withhold from payment. The fee refers solely to the provision of the agreed treatments. In the event you request alternative or additional treatments, both parties may agree to cancel the contract and enter a new one to incorporate the relevant changes.

Understanding of results

My LPA Membership may include a variety of treatments. Results may vary. I will achieve the best results if I keep to the recommended schedule as advised by LPA and if I follow the prescribed before and after care for my skin. Cosmetic injections using Botulinum toxin and/or Filler units must be used at times prescribed and administered by LPA. They will decide, after consultation, on the dosage and placement of the Botulinum toxin injections and/or Filler. I can change the number of Botulinum toxin injections and/or Filler units in My Membership after consultation and a change in the price of My Membership (which can be paid either by a one-off lump sum or an additional deposit and an increase in the regular direct debit payment amounts.

If you change your mind

For memberships purchased online: If for some reason you are not happy with your purchase or you are not eligible for treatment a full refund of your purchase will be given. If this occurs before your first appointment contact [email protected] and attach a copy of your receipt to your email. If this happens after your first appointment contact your clinic for the refund. Refunds will be processed by our team onto your method of payment. Allow three to five working days for the transaction to process.