Juvéderm Volite Injection: Transforming Skin Quality

Juvéderm Volite, an injectable HA gel, enhances skin quality from within, lasting up to 9 months.

Understanding Juvederm Volite and Its Benefits

Volite is an innovative injectable treatment designed to improve skin quality for up to 9 months.

This is not a dermal filler, it’s a skin conditioning Hyaluronic acid (HA) gel. Volite is injected into the middle layers of the dermis across many sites to nourish it from the inside out.


Juvéderm Volite: £720

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it for Me?

If you are experiencing the dulling effects of menopause, this is the treatment for you. Volite is a natural product (suitable for men and women). It will not alter features or expressions but leave you radiant. You may choose to have to complement fillers and or wrinkle treatment- or as ‘stand alone’ treatment.

Volite is an injectable Hyaluronic Acid. It is a very very soft filler, it will not give volume. This treatment will improve the texture of your face, neck and decolletage.

Immediately after treatment, you may or may not notice small marks site of each injection. These will settle within around four hours.

Volite has the advantage of being a single session treatment. Results last around 9 months.

Numbing cream is applied to make your treatment super comfortable.

This treatment is very safe. The main reason you may not be suitable is if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Also if you are taking antibiotics, you should wait until you have completed the course and your infection has resolved. 

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