Wow Fusion: Personalized Skincare with Micro-Needling

Wow Fusion offers a hyper-personalized skincare experience, combining micro-needling with tailored solutions for youthful skin.

The Unique Benefits of Wow Fusion Treatment

WOW fusion is stage 3 of the full WOW facial and can be performed by our expertly trained practitioners as a stand-alone treatment, with the added benefit of Botox.

An innovative micro-needling device that allows hyper-personalised skincare solutions that are ideal for your skincare needs. A truly tailored signature service.

When your practitioner hyper-personalises the solutions used within the Wow fusion device, you can expect improvements in skin quality coupled with the micro-needling, this aids collagen and elastin for a more youthful-looking skin and hydrates, brightens, stimulates, and improves the texture and tone of the skin. 

Unlike traditional treatment with Botox, used as part of the Wow fusion serum, you can expect improvements with pores, acne and rosacea.

Now that’s WOW!


Wow fusion treatment from £299

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