Lip Augmentation / Lip Enhancement with Lip Fillers; injections to create natural or more dramatic results

Choose from a range of products to enhance your lips subtly or create the fullness you’ve always wanted.

Injections to create natural or more dramatic results

Lip Augmentation with Lip Fillers

Here at LPA, we are a specialist lip clinic. We offer lip filler treatments to suit men and women looking for subtle enhancements through to results that are more dramatic and transformative. We can help you to create the perfect lip plan and then to implement that in the most stress-free way.

Lip filler treatment is a way to enhance your natural lips to create increased balance and harmony with your own features and give you that added confidence boost that we could all benefit from. Lip filler at LPA consists of a main ingredient hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a natural product that is made in the body itself. For dermal filler, hyaluronic acid is made synthetically to integrate with your own body tissue. This allows for adding volume, increasing hydration, adding definition, reducing fine lines or a combination of everything.

Lip Enhancement: The Road to Perfect Lips

Lip enhancement, lip fillers, lip augmentation are all terms used to describe the same thing. This technique involves using dermal filler to enhance the look of the lips. There are many misconceptions around the subject of aesthetic treatments and lips are most definitely at the centre of this. 

What lip enhancement aims to achieve for clients. Most people think that lip filler treatment is only for young females, aiming for that ‘insta’ perfect pout. This is not true. Lip filler treatment is suitable for a much more diverse group, men and women in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s… get the picture?

Lip enhancement can be used to create beautiful volume for that selfie pout. Forget using filters, lip injections will help you achieve ‘that look’ in real life. For men and women who naturally have very thin lips, having a more subtle treatment can be such a confidence trick, helping to frame the teeth and give a more aesthetically pleasing smile.

As we age we start to lose collagen and elastin, the lips in particular can start to look deflated and dry. Lip fillers can give back that hydration and take away the flattening look of reduced collagen and elastin.

For some the loss of pink lip as you smile can lead to a lack of confidence when smiling.
Wrinkles around the mouth (smokers’ lines, barcode lines) can be reduced by not only placing filler into the lines themselves but can be diminished by placing filler into the outline of the lip.

Lip injections, as you can see offers incredibly versatile treatment and has so much more to offer than just creating reality star-style lips.
Ultimately as with all our treatments at LPA, we are here to help you to make good decisions that result in an increase in self-esteem and feel-good factor.

Benefits of Choosing Our Lip Clinic

LPA lip clinic uses only the best-in-class products sourced from official UK distributors for all our treatments and lip filler is no different. In addition to that your treatment will be administered by a highly trained nurse. Nurses have been injecting since the very start of their training before they even qualify as junior nurses. This history of injecting means that by the time nurses train in facial treatments, their skills are so advanced.  Nurses have a reputation both within the industry and in the wider health sector for being the most gentle and best injectors. This is the reason that LPA prides itself on our advanced trained nurses who have honed their techniques both from a comfort and safety perspective over years.

LPA is a registered clinic with two separate regulatory bodies. This is not currently a requirement for UK clinics, but we feel that it demonstrates quite clearly our commitment to your safety, our integrity, and your overall experience. We are registered with Save Face who are responsible for regulating the aesthetics industry in the UK and the Care Quality Commission regulate the wider health industry in the UK. What this means to you, is that in order to maintain these registrations, we must undergo a number of audits and inspections each year providing evidence of every aspect of our service and care.

At LPA we have (from day one) achieved a high percentage of loyal returning customers and they tell us why they come back. Our LPA tribe tell us that they love our results which is so important, further to that, they tell us that they feel relaxed and safe in our hands and actually look forward to the process (yes – even though that involves needles!) This feedback is a huge source of pride to us and we keep this as our goal with each and every person who walks through the door.

Our lip augmentation service is tailor-made for you. If you are wondering if lip filler may be a treatment that would help you, simply start with a consultation. You may choose to have a face-to-face or an online consultation. At this appointment our fantastically experienced nurses will work with you to create your LPA lip plan, working out which product, how much and where to place it. Each plan is different, this is not a ‘one size fits all’ process!

Dive into Lip Fillers: What They Are and How They Work

The main ingredient for lip filler is hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a substance found naturally in the body. This is a gel-like substance, it works by creating volume but it also attracts moisture to the area. The other ingredient you will find in lip injections is a numbing agent. Lidocaine is a local anaesthetic used in dentistry and many other health specialities. This highly effective anaesthetic simply means that your lip treatment will be very comfortable. At LPA lip clinic we also opt to use a numbing cream before we even start the treatment process.

We choose to use only premium grade longer lasting hyaluronic acid filler at LPA. The brands we use at LPA are Juvéderm and Kysense. These are highly effective top-of-the-range filler treatments and are only sourced from the UK’s official distributors. Within each brand, there is a choice of which specific product is used and the amount. For those looking for a more dramatic result, a firmer product is used and likewise for a softer, more subtle hydrated effect, then a ‘softer ‘ product is selected. The amount used will also vary from individual to individual. For those who are starting from very thin lips or those looking for more dramatic results, it may be that your treatment is staggered over a period of time in order to ensure your safety.

At LPA, our lip augmentation treatments will last you around twelve months. This means that you will not need to worry about a top-up for a good nine months.

Lip Augmentation: Transforming Your Smile

Are you embarrassed about your smile? Do you find yourself hiding your smile in photographs?

Here at LPA, we hate the idea of anyone feeling afraid to smile. Smiling is an incredibly important expression and is integrally linked in the feel-good factor of happy emotions. We want to help anyone who feels that smiling does not enhance the way look – because it should!! Whether you show too much gum, you lose your lips entirely, or you have a dramatic asymmetry- we can help you correct this and get you beaming with confidence.

Treating lips involves a touch of science mixed with a splash of artistry. The science bit is really important. As highly trained nurses, at LPA we have a thorough working knowledge of the anatomical structure of the lips – the skin, the blood supply, the nerves, the muscles, the mucosa, the bones. We understand where to and more importantly where not to inject. Your safety is at the forefront of our minds at every visit.

The artistry side involves understanding how we can gain results that will improve your overall look. It is simply not enough to use a standard template to treat everyone the same. We know how to use fillers to balance your features, improve your lips both at rest and during movement, enhance your side profile, diminish asymmetry, and address any specific concerns you may have. We use the term Natural lip fillers and by this, we mean that even with more dramatic results, your results should look like they flatter you.

Results with lip filler are immediate, however, they improve over the weeks following treatment as the product starts to settle and integrate into your own body tissue. The results you can expect will ultimately depend on the results you have discussed. You can expect a beautifully delivered hydrated enhancement that looks like it belongs on your face.

Experience the Magic of Lip Injections

Having lip fillers is not a magic trick (although hopefully, you will find the end results utterly magical!)

In this section let us walk you through the actual process of having lip injections at LPA.

You will start with booking in – you can do this via the app, online, via email or over the phone.

When you book, always allow yourself plenty of time so that you are not feeling anxious and worrying about the time. An hour is a good time period to have in mind.

Also, book a time when you have a day or two to yourself or nothing too ‘full on’ in your diary. It is normal to experience swelling following lip injections so again, choosing a quiet week will help you cope with this and limit any embarrassment/self-consciousness.

The day before treatment, it’s a good idea to avoid alcohol and ibuprofen as this will reduce your risk of bruising.

On the day, you will have a thorough consultation with your nurse. This means we will ask you about your general health, past health, medications, and allergies. Once we have worked through all the formalities, we will then discuss your needs and goals and work together to create your LPA lip plan.

The treatment itself includes having some photographs taken (purely for your medical records) followed by the application of numbing cream. The injections are administered, and you will see the results straight away. We will send you home loaded with plenty of information and our contact details. Initially, your lips will feel strange and numb – this feeling wears off quickly – within the next hour or so. We recommend you keep well hydrated in the days that follow as natural lip fillers containing hyaluronic acid love moisture. You will find that the results improve over the next couple of weeks.

We understand that this can be a nerve-wracking time especially when you are having treatment for the first time. At LPA we strive to make your treatment as stress-free as possible and as experienced nurses, this really is our forte. Our confidence and years of experience of carrying out these treatments will radiate out to you, helping you to feel a sense of safety and therefore leading to a more relaxed feeling.

Frequency - 6 to 12 Months

Application - Injectable

Area - Lips

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Pain level - numbing cream used

Procedure Duration - 45 mins

Not suitable for - Pregnant or Breast Feeding

Suitabe for - Male, Female amd Non-Binary

Downtime - 0 to 48 hours

Natural Lip Fillers:

A Holistic Approach

There are other options for lip enhancement and at LPA we believe that options should always be discussed. However, hyaluronic acid lip fillers are head and shoulders above other treatment options like surgery or more permanent lip fillers. This is down to two major reasons. Hyaluronic acid-based fillers provide a beautiful soft natural finish – whether you are opting for a soft subtle treatment or something more dramatic.

Secondly, Hyaluronic acid filler treatment in the lips is a super safe treatment which is an incredibly important factor to take in and consider when having any treatments.

Before & After

Stories from Our Lip Filler Clinic

Risks and Rewards of Lip Enhancement

With the reward of an aesthetic procedure, we must always talk about risks. Every treatment has risks that should be out in the open. This discussion of risks in itself helps to minimise them as everyone knows and understands what can happen.

When it comes to lip treatments, there are several risks which are common, in fact, it can be unusual NOT to experience them.

Swelling can start almost straight away. This means that the lips can look fuller than you would like or had envisaged. This temporary swelling can get worse before it gets better, lasting for around 48 hours.

The lips have colour because of a proficient blood supply to the area. This means that regardless of the skill of your injector, bruising is very common in lip filler treatment. Bruises can be minimised by avoiding alcohol and ibuprofen for a few days before and after treatment. It can also help to apply ice to the lips in the days following treatment, we usually recommend you only do this for a minute or two at a time.

Lip treatments can feel strange when they are first done, you may be able to feel the product if you run your tongue along the lip. This focus on your lips will shift and diminish as the product settles and integrates with your own body tissue.

Allowing yourself some time to get used to your treatment before you have to attend an important meeting or social event will help you to find the process easy and relaxed. 

Tailored Treatments at Our Leading Lip Clinic

At LPA we offer a wide range of non-surgical aesthetic treatments. The real key in opting for treatment is to take the whole face into consideration.

During a consultation at LPA, we may make suggestions for treatments that we feel will enhance your look or help you to achieve a goal that you have mentioned. We like to give you all the information you need so that you can make great decisions. We do not however overload you or try to sell you treatments you don’t need or don’t want. We pride ourselves on honesty, integrity, and sincerity.

Other treatments that we offer here include Botox, midface lifts using dermal filler and skin improvement treatments such as PRP and Profhilo. 

The Investment: Understanding Costs and Value

Understanding the costs and values of aesthetic treatments can be difficult with so many variables to factor in.

The value of having a treatment can be an increase in confidence and a happier outlook which in themselves can bring untold benefits to your life.

When you are researching lip fillers, you will notice that cost varies from place to place. Some of these variations are due to where in the country you are based.

You will also find some very cheap treatments available. A word of warning – a very cheap treatment will usually reflect an inexperienced or non-medical injector (or both), a substandard product sourced from a substandard distributor, a lack of adherence to best practice and lack of attention to safety. All of these things can lead to a poorly carried out treatment which may look bad, or worse may lead to problems. You will also find very expensive options – these will usually reflect industry leaders.

LPA prices reflect the quality of the practitioners, the quality of the products used and the level of care from the moment you contact us right through to aftercare. Our clinic offers you the opportunity to experience first-class treatments at mid-range pricing.

Within lip fillers, we offer a couple of package treatments which keep the cost down for you.

Lips and Lashes combines lip filler with our incredible lash growth serum. You can nail the lips ‘n’ lashes look in one visit! Simply enjoy a 1ml lip boosting treatment with the benefits of our incredible LPA lash growth serum for just £450 (usual price £550).

Lash growth serum is a ‘prescription only’ product. You apply to your upper lash line every night. At around 6 weeks of usage, you will see that your lashes look noticeably longer, thicker & darker.

Once you are happy with your look, bin your falsies and simply reduce your usage to 2 or 3 times/week. This unbelievable treatment can be used in conjunction with all your usual lash treatments.

LPA Lips

We also offer two options whereby you have 1ml initially and a further 0.5ml at a later date of your choice.

1.5mls Kysense is £500

1.5mls Juvederm Smile is £380. 

Taking the Next Step: Join Our Family of Happy Clients

If you know, or are wondering whether lip enhancement would be of benefit to you, the next step is simply to book in. We can see you in a virtual appointment or you can opt to come face to face. You do not need to be the expert in knowing what you want or even if you want it – that is our job! We will listen and carefully assess before we give you the benefit of our experience and advice on how to proceed.

The easiest way to book is to download the app. This will earn you a discount on your treatment. It also makes future bookings easier – no need to scrabble around looking for the website. You can also use the app to recommend us to friends and family – earning both yourself and them money off treatments.

Another option is to head over the website and book there.

You can also email in with appointment preferences and if you want to give us a call,  please feel free to do so.

For now, you can click the button below and we will send you some info. 

Lip Enhancement Cost

Our lip enhancement treatments start from £275

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are lip fillers made of?

Most modern lip fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the skin that adds volume and hydration.

At LPA we opt to use only premium-grade lip fillers that last around twelve months, this means that you only need to ‘top up’ after around nine months.

At LPA we start the whole process by applying a super-strong numbing cream to the lips. During the treatment, we use fillers that have been combined with Lidocaine. This is a highly effective local anaesthetic. These numbing strategies mean that you will find the whole process very comfortable.

The cost of lip fillers (as with all aesthetic treatments varies hugely). One of the factors affecting cost will be where you are in the country. At LPA we pitch our pricing in the mid-range. Our prices reflect the expertise of our practitioners and the quality of the products we use, combined with a commitment to keep the treatment affordable for you. Prices start at £275 for 0.5ml, £350 for 1ml of a softer product and £400 for 1ml of a firmer product. 

Safety is a huge consideration for us at LPA. We maximise your safety by undergoing rigorous inspection and audit via Save Face & the CQC. Our practitioners are nurses with additional training and education and have a huge amount of practical experience behind them.

Common side effects include swelling, redness, and bruising at the injection site. More rare complications include infection, lumps, or asymmetry. 

We usually advise 48 hours for recovery from lip fillers. Some people will recover much quicker, whilst some may take a little longer. If you are having treatment for the first time we would suggest that have a day or two to yourself. 

Yes, hyaluronic acid-based fillers can be dissolved with an enzyme called hyaluronidase. This can reverse the effects of the filler in very unusual circumstances when there are complications.

Whether you are having a subtle treatment or opting for a more dramatic look, you still want natural looking lips that complement the rest of your face. This is our speciality and we will be able to create a plan that meets your desires whilst enhancing your overall look.

The lips gradually return to their original state. Contrary to some myths, the lips do not become saggier or worse off than before after the filler has worn off. This natural diminishment allows you the option to re-treat before the effect has fully gone, which is the approach we would usually advise. 

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