How to Exit ‘Stuck’ Zone

Losing weight is not easy. Check out our brand new facebook support group featuring Maxine Buckley to help you get and stay on track with a healthy lifestyle. Maxine Buckley, Hypnotherapist provides some mindset hacks to assist with shifting your motivation status. If you want exit ‘stuck’ zone – read on!

Hypnosis is about changing your mindset. I help loads of people lose weight by changing their mindset for eating different foods and being motivated. Motivation is always quite a difficult one. We want to be motivated to lose that weight long term. However, the amount of weight we want to lose can make that seem quite a big mental gap, it feels just so far away. Changing your mindset and thinking about it in a different way so that your goal gap becomes much smaller. Your thoughts are everything. Get  yourself thinking about visualising how you want to look and how you want to feel. When we go wrong – the tendency is to say, ‘OK sod it – I’ve failed – I might as well have the whole cake, the whole pack of biscuits, the whole bottle of wine, I’ve ruined everything anyway’. Try to stay calm, these blips are not the be all and end all you can acknowledge you had something you didn’t want but you don’t need to let it dictate to you – let it go and move on. Try to look at your planned new behaviour as positively as you can instead of “poor me, I can’t have this anymore!!”. “I am taking positive steps to achieve what I really want to achieve, and I will feel so good about it.”

If you want to do, try this simple exercise.

-Take a nice, deep breath in. Breathe in for count of four, and back out for count of eight. That’s quite hard sometimes -proper belly breathing.

-Now, bring it in, and back out for eight, close your eyes if it makes you visualise things better.

-Take another nice, deep breath in for the count of four and back out for count of eight.

-Just one more. Nice, deep breath in and back out. -Notice your anxiety levels, you feel a lot calmer once you start breathing. This is always really good to do before  you’re about to eat something because you’re slowing down. Just doing that breathing, calms you down, makes you feel a bit less anxious, and can also release a craving.     

-I want you to see yourself in that future, at that end goal, that goal that you really want, where your jeans are maybe feeling a little bit looser. Maybe you see yourself in that bikini, maybe you want to see yourself in a certain dress, or on a beach, or wherever it is that you want to go and do at that end goal. I also want you to think not only about, visually, what you look like but also what you feel like, what it feels like to feel that slimmer you, that ‘better’ you. The things that people are going to say to you. Think about all the people that will say those lovely things. “Look how well you look.” “Look how brilliant you look.” “How much weight have you lost?”

-You’re looking amazing. You’re feeling amazing.

-How much more confident you are.

-I want you to just really feel those and almost see that person.

-That ‘better you’ that you want to be.

-Just step into that person and feel what it’s like.

-Just feel what it’s like to be that slimmer, healthier, fitter you. Remember that you love yourself and you want to respect yourself.

-You want to be healthy, fit, and well.

-You’re not just about losing the weight; it’s about being healthy. Not just physically, but mentally, your mental wellbeing is important as well.

-While you’re thinking about that, and just feeling nice and relaxed, I want you to think about that food that you shouldn’t really eat, or you don’t want to eat.

-Maybe that’s the chocolate cake, the biscuits, the wine, whatever it is. Think about that and see it.

-Just visualise it.

-Just visualise that piece of food that you know you shouldn’t eat.  

-I want you to just look at it, and I want you to just say, “I see you. I acknowledge you. And I choose to be without you. I’m okay with that.” Then push it away as you refuse it. -When you go to bed that night, thank yourself for saying no to that piece of food that you could have eaten. -You said no to it. You didn’t need it, and you don’t want it.    

-And before you go sleep for the night,  just imagine yourself eating healthy good food, drinking plenty of water, exercising, and all the things that you want to achieve.

-Just before you go to bed is the time when the subconscious mind is a lot more open.

-Visualise it, if you visualise, really visualise what it’s like to eat that healthy food, drink that water, exercise, your brain can’t tell the difference between reality and imagination.

-So, if you imagine yourself eating that good food, and exercising, and drinking the water, then your brain thinks you’ve already done it. Your mind thinks that you’ve already done it. So the next day, you will achieve that with ease, with a lot more ease. You’ll go through thinking, “Today, I will eat this, this, and this. I will drink the water, I will exercise.”       

-Remember to tell yourself that you love yourself.

-That you respect yourself.

-When you do that, take a deep breath in and let it go, you’ll start to notice a difference.

-Reward yourself, every night.

-That mental gap that you started with becomes smaller and smaller. You’ll start noticing the weight will come off easily.  

-Listen to the words that you say to yourself. -Be kind to yourself. Love yourself, respect yourself, and eat healthy, good food. Remind yourself that you don’t need all that food. Or that habit that you’ve had since childhood, that you have to eat everything on the plate.

-Remind yourself that you don’t have to eat everything on the plate anymore. -You’re not that child.

-From today onwards, it’s just changing those habits.

-It’s the way you ate in the past.

-Think about all of the foods that you overate in the past. -That time where you were just eating for the sake of eating.

-Did you really need all of that food?

-Think ‘what did that do for me? -Most of us know where we’re going wrong. We know what adjustments we need. We just need to feel motivated. But you won’t feel motivated if you’re feeling negative. If you’re feeling negative about the future, if you’re thinking negative about yourself, the motivation won’t come.

-Start thinking a lot more positively and be kind to yourself, saying positive things to yourself, look for the positives, see every day is a new day.

-Push to feel good about yourself. -At the end of every day, be thankful you’ve done really well.

-Be kind to yourself. Say, “Well done. You’ve done really well today.”

-Do the deep breathing exercise just before you eat, that will really help. Remember that a craving will pass through your body within 90 seconds.

-Remember to say, “I see you. I acknowledge you and I choose to be without you.” Then smile and remind yourself that you’re doing really well.      

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