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10 Things you should know about tear trough filler

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1. What are the benefits of tear trough treatment?

Under eye filler is a highly effective way to reduce the appearance of bags and sunkeness in the under eye area. It can also help to brighten, freshen, and give your face a less tired appearance. It is suitable for most people, but if you suffer with puffiness under the eyes, it can make that issue worse.

2. What accreditation should I look for?

Having under eye filler should always be preceded by a thorough consultation with a medical professional. This is essential as this area is particularly tricky to treat well. Look for accreditation like Save Face & the CQC to ensure you are being treated by someone who has the due diligence to have gone through the rigorous and ongoing requirements of these governing bodies.

3. What risks are there for tear trough fillers?

Risks and side effects are something you should consider with any procedure. The most common risks with tear trough fillers include bruising, swelling and bumps under the eyes.

4. What filler is used for tear trough treatment?

The filler used under the eye should be hyaluronic acid based. There are lots of high quality brands available and you may not be familiar with them all so just remember to check that it is a hyaluronic acid based product that is being used.

5. How long does tear trough treatment last?

The results can last from 6 months up to around 18. This area of the face does not experience much movement and for that reason the filler will ‘hold’ for long periods of time. The severity of the issue you have under the eye may affect this. It is an area that should be treated conservatively and if you have deep grooves, this may mean you will need more than one treatment over a period of time. The tear trough area should be filled slowly and delicately.

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6. Is tear trough treatment painful?

I always explain to my clients that having tear trough filler isn’t painful but it can feel a little nerve wracking. Your practitioner should be able to guide you through the process and help you to breathe your way through it.

7. When will I see an improvement after tear trough treatment?

You will see an improvement straight away but it will look even better after a few weeks. ‘The sweet spot’ as I like to call it hits around week 6 following the treatment.

8. How much does tear trough treatment cost?

Prices will vary from clinic to clinic as with all cosmetic procedures. Beware of deals and super cheap prices - these may mean an inexperienced or novice practitioner or low grade products. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

9. Can tear trough treatment be combined with Botox?

Combining tear trough filler with Botox around the eyes will take your treatment to the next level.

10. Which treatments improve the under eye area?

Other options for improving the under eye area include Botox, mid face filler (to support the under eye) PRP and micro needling.

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