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Understanding Hair Loss: Types, Causes, and Stages

Who doesn’t want a full head of hair? Healthy hair symbolises vitality, youth, and confidence. However, hair loss, a concern shared by many, can significantly disrupt this perception. At LPA, we understand the nuances and complexities of hair thinning and balding, ensuring that our clients receive only the best hair solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Hair loss, clinically termed alopecia, can manifest in various ways:

  • Androgenic Alopecia: Also known as male or female pattern baldness, this hereditary condition is marked by a receding hairline in men and thinning hair along the crown in women. Both male hair loss and female hair loss under this category are largely due to genetic factors.

  • Alopecia Areata: An autoimmune disorder causing hair fall in small, circular patches. It affects both male and female hair, irrespective of age.

  • Telogen Effluvium: Triggered by stress or significant life events, this temporary condition sees a substantial amount of hair shifting to its resting phase before shedding.

  • Traction Alopecia: Damage of hair follicles due to hairstyles that constantly tug or pull on the hair. This may be connected with the use of hair extensions or tight ponytails.

  • Cicatricial (Scarring) Alopecia: Inflammatory hair loss leading to permanent damage.

Identifying the stage of hair loss is vital. Whether one is experiencing early signs of hair loss or is in the advanced stages, prompt intervention can make a world of difference. It’s crucial to recognise that hair loss isn’t solely an aesthetic issue. Many experience emotional repercussions due to their changing appearance.

The next steps involve determining the cause of hair loss, whether it’s genetic, hormonal, or related to lifestyle factors, and understanding different types of hair loss conditions. With a dedicated consultation with one of our hair loss specialists at LPA’s central London location, clients are assured a bespoke treatment plan that’s best suited for their unique hair loss pattern. 

The Role of a Dermatologist in Hair Loss Diagnosis and Treatment

A dermatologist specialises in treating conditions related to the skin, hair, and nails. When it comes to hair loss, having an experienced dermatologist by your side can be invaluable. They have the training and expertise to diagnose the specific type of hair loss, and its underlying cause, and recommend the most effective treatment course. At LPA, our hair loss clinic boasts specialist nurses with advanced training in dermatology, dedicated to providing evidence-based solutions for hair loss.

Diagnosis: An accurate diagnosis is the cornerstone of any successful hair loss treatment.  Fagron DNA testing provides a revolutionary approach to gaining deeper insights into one’s hair health.

Treatment Options Available: Based on the diagnosis, our nurses can prescribe a myriad of treatments, both topical and oral. This includes medication to promote hair growth, hormone therapy, and scalp applications.

Furthermore, treatments like PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) have shown amazing results. PRP, a concentration of one’s own platelets, is known to stimulate hair follicles, leading to hair re-growth. It’s an evidence-based treatment that’s seen a surge in popularity due to its minimally invasive nature and impressive results.

For those leaning towards surgical solutions, your surgeon will likely recommend adjunctive PRP treatments to support hair transplantation. The procedure is designed to help manage hair loss and slow its process, restoring a fuller head of hair.

Holistic Approach: Not all hair loss treatments are medical. Lifestyle factors play an integral role in the health of our hair. Hence, our nurses may also provide advice related to nutrition, stress management, and hair care regimen, ensuring a holistic approach to managing hair loss.

Advice and Follow-up: Post-treatment, it’s paramount to maintain the health of your hair. Our nurses offer regular follow-ups, tracking progress and making necessary adjustments to the treatment plan, endeavouring to achieve the best results for every patient. The advantage of our hair loss clinic in London is the comprehensive care you receive, from diagnosis to post-treatment support.

LPA’s hair loss and scalp clinic ensures you’re not just another patient. Here, you’re an individual with unique needs, and our dedicated team takes the time to listen, diagnose, and tailor treatments that align with your hair goals.

PRP: A Revolutionary Approach to Hair Restoration

At the heart of cutting-edge hair restoration is PRP or Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy, a treatment rapidly gaining recognition for its efficacy in treating various hair loss conditions. As an award-winning clinic in London, LPA is proud to offer this advanced and effective solution to our patients suffering from hair loss.

What is PRP? PRP therapy utilises the body’s natural healing capabilities. It involves drawing a small amount of your blood, processing it to concentrate the platelets, and then injecting it into the scalp’s affected areas. These platelets are rich in growth factors, which are believed to stimulate hair follicles and promote hair re-growth. This treatment is carried out in a gentle comfortable way by use of a super strong numbing cream.

Benefits of PRP:

  1. Minimally Invasive: Unlike surgical hair transplantation methods like FUE hair transplantation, PRP is non-surgical and has minimal downtime. It’s a lunchtime procedure, meaning you can often return to your daily activities immediately after.

  2. Natural Results: As PRP harnesses your body’s own platelets, the results look and feel natural. Over time, patients notice a reduction in hair fall and experience early signs of hair growth.

  3. Safe with Few Side Effects: PRP uses your blood, reducing the risk of allergic reactions or complications. Most side effects, if any, are minor and temporary.

  4. Complementary to Other Treatments: PRP can be effectively combined with other hair loss treatments or medications, enhancing the overall results. It can be particularly beneficial for patients experiencing early signs of hair loss.

Who is it for? While PRP is a promising treatment, it’s essential to consult with one of our hair loss experts to determine if it’s the best-suited option for you. It tends to work best for those suffering from hair thinning or experiencing earlier stages of hair loss.

The LPA Advantage: Our bespoke treatment plans, tailored to your needs, often involve a combination of treatments. PRP, when combined with treatments like Fagron DNA testing for precise diagnosis or hair loss medication, can provide comprehensive and effective solutions for hair loss. Our nurses in London are trained to provide personalised treatment regimens, ensuring each patient receives the best hair care possible.

As with any treatment, results can vary from person to person. As with most treatments – success is more likely with interventions implemented when the problem is mild, so in this case – seeking treatment in the early stages of hair loss. Whether you are a man or experiencing female pattern hair loss, we can help. However, many of our patients have found significant hair improvement with PRP, making it a popular choice in our central London clinic.

The Role of Fagron DNA Testing in Tailored Hair Loss Solutions

Getting to the Root of the Issue with Fagron DNA Testing: At LPA, we believe in understanding the underlying cause for a holistic approach to treatment. Fagron DNA testing provides us with a comprehensive insight into the genetic and other factors at play, aiding in precise diagnosis and targeted treatment plans.

In the rapidly evolving field of hair restoration, understanding the root causes of hair loss at a molecular level can make all the difference. Fagron DNA testing emerges as a cutting-edge diagnostic tool, allowing our specialists at the LPA Hair Loss Clinic in London to delve deep into the genetic components that influence hair and scalp health.

Why Opt for Fagron DNA Testing? Fagron DNA testing isn’t just another test – it is an in-depth analysis that uncovers genetic predispositions, offering invaluable insights into:

  • Genetic propensities towards specific types of hair loss.
  • Potential reactions to hair loss medications.
  • Scalp susceptibilities that might influence hair health.

How Does It Work?

  1. Sample Collection: A simple swab from the inner cheek provides the DNA sample. This is undertaken alongside a medical and symptom questionnaire. This entire process is done from the comfort of your own home as a virtual consultation. The test kit is sent to you in advance of the appointment so that you can take your own swab under the guidance
  2. Analysis: The sample undergoes advanced genetic sequencing to identify specific markers associated with hair loss and hair health.
  3. Comprehensive Report: The results, combined with the information gathered during your consultation offer a blueprint for personalised treatment plans.

Integrating Fagron DNA Results into Treatment
: With a bespoke treatment strategy based on genetic data, our nurses in London are better equipped to:

  • Prescribe hair loss medication, ensuring they’re in harmony with your genetic makeup.
  • Optimise non-surgical interventions like PRP.
  • Offer holistic advice on managing hair loss conditions based on your genetic predispositions.

Taking Control of Your Hair’s Future
: Hair loss can significantly affect self-confidence. By embracing advanced diagnostics like Fagron DNA testing, you are taking proactive steps not only to confront the issue but also to navigate the path of hair restoration with precision and confidence, taking the guesswork out of treatment. 

Consult with Our Specialist Team at LPA

When hair loss affects your confidence or becomes a concern in your daily life, it’s crucial to consult with practitioners who genuinely understand and have the expertise to provide evidence-based solutions. At LPA’s Hair Loss Clinic in London, we are here to support and guide you through your journey.

Open Conversations

From the beginning, we foster an environment where patients feel comfortable discussing their hair loss conditions. No concern is too small, and no question is insignificant. We believe in open dialogue, ensuring you're informed and confident in the decisions you make.

Tailored Treatment Plans

Each person's hair loss journey is unique, and so is our approach. After thorough consultation and diagnosis, our specialists design treatment plans best suited to your needs and desired outcomes.

Innovative and Evidence-Based Approaches

Our clinic prides itself on offering the latest treatments backed by scientific research. From PRP to Fagron DNA testing and other hair restoration techniques, we bring innovative solutions tailored to achieve the best results for our patients.

Support Beyond Treatment

Hair restoration is not just about the treatment itself. It's about ongoing support and advice to ensure lasting results. Our team is here for you, from your first consultation and beyond, ensuring your journey to hair restoration is smooth and fulfilling.


Male pattern baldness can be emotionally distressing, and hair loss in women is more so due to the taboos around femininity and appearance. Our hair specialists (nurses) take pride in limiting embarrassment and maximising sensitivity when discussing such topics with patients.

When you’re ready to take the next step, our team is here to guide you. Whether you’re experiencing early signs of hair loss or seeking solutions for significant hair thinning, we are committed to helping you regain your confidence and natural look.

To discuss your hair loss concerns and explore the treatment options available, book an appointment with one of our hair loss experts. Let us work together to bring back the vitality and health to your hair and scalp.

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