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Experience one-to-one support with your changing hormone levels from a highly experienced advanced nurse prescriber who can create a bespoke hormone treatment plan.

Embracing Hormonal Harmony: Understanding HRT in London

Hormone Replacement Therapy, commonly known as HRT, is an effective treatment that addresses hormonal imbalances, primarily experienced during menopause. The bustling city of London, with its diverse population, has witnessed an increasing demand for this specialized treatment (similar to the rest of the UK) with women seeking relief from the often disruptive menopausal symptoms.

Why is HRT Essential? Menopause is a natural phase in a woman’s life, marking the end of her reproductive years. However, this transition isn’t always smooth. A decline in essential hormones, mainly progesterone and oestrogen, can lead to an array of symptoms, ranging from hot flashes and night sweats to mood fluctuations and decreased bone density. HRT emerges as a truly life-changing option, aiming to replenish these depleting hormone levels and restore a sense of well-being. 

London’s Approach to HRT: London, known for its advanced medical landscape and expertise, offers an array of clinics dedicated to hormone health. In recent years, the long overdue focus on this topic has started to become the ‘norm’. Helping women manage menopausal symptoms falls very much within the lifestyle sector At London Professional Aesthetics (LPA). We pride ourselves on being a leading HRT provider, combining medical expertise with a patient-centric approach. We recognise that each woman’s journey through menopause is unique, and so should be her treatment.

Bio-Identical HRT vs. Traditional HRT: While traditional HRT has been around for years, there’s a growing interest in bio-identical HRT in the capital. This form of therapy, as the name suggests, uses hormones that are identical on a molecular level to the hormones produced by the body. Many women prefer this approach, believing it to be more natural and in sync with their hormone balancing needs. The real beauty of BHRT is the option to tailor treatment on a much more individual basis as opposed to the traditional ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Safety and Efficacy: The decision to start HRT is significant and requires comprehensive understanding and guidance. At LPA, our dedicated nurse team ensure that patients are well-informed about the potential benefits and risks. Combined HRT, which includes both oestrogen and progesterone, is often recommended for women who still have their uterus, while oestrogen replacement alone might be suggested for others.

Why you may consider HRT / BHRT

The main benefit is to reduce symptoms of both menopause and perimenopause (perimenopause is the phase that comes before menopause). Examples of the kind of symptoms that you might experience include:

  • Hot flushes
  • Night sweats 
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Anxiety and low mood
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Loss of libido
  • Lack of energy

In addition to these symptoms, maintaining hormone levels can help to reduce the risk of Osteoporosis (thinning of the bones).

As with all our services at LPA, you do not need to know what type of treatment you will benefit from. It is our job to help you to figure this out and provide you with informative options.

The perimenopause can start anywhere between 45-55 as a rough guide. This is a point in time when you will notice that your menstrual cycle may change, leading to menopause itself. Menopause describes the point in life when you have not had a period for 12 months or longer.  Symptoms of the menopause can vary massively from person to person and you do not even recognise them. With busy stressful lives, we can often become accustomed to sleep and mood changes and not consider that they may have a physiological route. If you are reading this and wondering whether or not you may be experiencing menopause symptoms then you will benefit from a consultation. Your consultation will cover lots of aspects including your medical history, the way you feel on a day-to-day basis, how you manage that, anti-ageing measures, lifestyle measures, anxieties and concerns. Our consultations come from a functional medicine approach, meaning that we explore all aspects of your wellbeing in order to give you great options for feeling better in different ways. 

The Process

Elizabeth has an extensive history of helping women over the years both within her previous NHS role and her current role. The first step in this process is to book an online consultation. In advance of this appointment, you will be sent a questionnaire to complete and email back. It is really important that for your consultation, you find somewhere comfortable and private to sit so that you can feel relaxed throughout and uninhibited to discuss more private issues in your life. At the consultation, Elizabeth will review the information you have already sent in and delve into this further, to try to get a good feel for you and the issues you are experiencing. Some of these symptoms may be physical and some may be more emotional. Elizabeth has a great style of communication with years of honing her communication skills. This is your opportunity to get everything off your chest and put everything out there. Following this appointment, you will be required to attend the clinic for a blood test and blood pressure check. This appointment can be done at an alternative location if you are not London-based.

Next up, you will have a follow-up appointment to pull together your symptoms, with the results of the tests. At this point, Elizabeth will put together a strategy to address your needs. This will include lifestyle advice, supplements and medication (if appropriate). 

Any prescribed medication will be delivered to your door, making the whole process smooth and easy. Once you get started, Elizabeth will be on hand to help support you, should you need it.

You will feel supported and empowered throughout and experience the benefits of feeling like ‘you’ again.

London's Pioneering Clinics: Leading the Way in Hormone Health

London, a city renowned for its cutting-edge medical advancements and world-class healthcare, is home to a plethora of clinics offering specialized treatments. When it comes to addressing hormonal imbalances, particularly those related to menopause, London stands out as a hub for expertise and innovation. However, we appreciate that London is not on everyone’s doorstep. Our women’s health service allows anyone to access our expertise regardless of where they are based. Our fully virtual service means that you can experience the assessment in the comfort of your own home and have your medication delivered to your door.

Why London Stands Apart: One of the reasons why London has become a sought-after destination for treatments like HRT is its comprehensive approach to healthcare. Patients here are not just numbers; they are individuals with unique needs and stories. In this vibrant city, clinics like LPA not only provide hormone replacement therapy but also ensure a holistic approach to health.

Expertise and Innovation: With a focus on continuous learning and adaptation, Elizabeth keeps herself at the forefront of hormone health. From understanding the subtle nuances of bio-identical HRT to effectively managing menopausal symptoms, Elizabeth has years of experience supporting women at different stages of their lives.

Personalised Care: A key strength of London’s private hormone clinics is their personalised approach. Recognizing that every patient’s journey and hormonal needs are different, treatments are tailored accordingly. Whether it’s determining the right type of HRT treatment, monitoring potential side effects, or providing guidance on lifestyle changes, every aspect is curated with precision and care.  Within a general practice setting, the onus is on time. Each patient will be allocated an appointment slot of 10-15 minutes. When dealing with a cough or cold, this can be ample time, however, when dealing with matters of a more complex nature, this does not allow enough time. Discussion of symptoms is of the utmost importance when dealing with hormonal matters.

Seeking the Right Clinic: While London boasts numerous clinics, finding the right fit is crucial. At LPA, we prioritise patient well-being above all else. Our dedicated nurse team carry out comprehensive consultations, ensuring every patient feels heard, understood, and confident in their treatment choices. We do this with great pride and do our best to ensure that you find the whole process therapeutic.

Understanding Hormone Replacement Therapy: A Deep Dive into HRT

Hormone Replacement Therapy, commonly abbreviated as HRT, is a medical intervention that has revolutionised the way we address hormonal imbalances in both men and women. Most prominently recognised for its use in treating symptoms of menopause, HRT is about more than just symptom relief—it’s about restoring balance and offering a renewed sense of vitality.

HRT fell out of favour for a period of time over safety concerns. Nowadays it is widely accepted that the risks are actually very low and that in most cases, the benefits will outweigh the risks making it an ideal treatment for menopausal symptoms.

The Science Behind HRT: At its core, Hormone Replacement Therapy replenishes the body with the hormones it lacks or has in reduced amounts. As we age, natural fluctuations and decreases in hormones like oestrogen, progesterone, and even testosterone can lead to a range of symptoms. HRT works by introducing these hormones into the body, helping to restore a more youthful hormonal balance. For numerous reasons, you may wish to move from conventional HRT to Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) or you may choose to opt for BHRT from the start.

BHRT vs Conventional HRT

A bioidentical hormone has the same chemical and molecular structure as the naturally occurring hormone produced in the body. The effects of bioidentical hormones are therefore more consistent with the normal biochemistry of the body.  Whereas synthetic hormones (conventional HRT) have different structures to our natural hormones. These structural differences can result in substantially different effects and less effective results.

Types of HRT:

  1. Combined HRT: Often recommended for women who still have their uterus, this form combines both oestrogen and progesterone.
  2. Oestrogen-only HRT: More suitable for women who have undergone a hysterectomy, this form focuses on replenishing only oestrogen.
  3. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy: A newer form of HRT, these hormones are biologically identical to those produced by the human body and are derived from plant estrogens.

Benefits Beyond Menopause
: While many associate HRT primarily with menopausal relief, its benefits extend further. From enhancing skin elasticity, improving mood, and even bone protection, to managing weight gain, HRT can significantly improve quality of life.

A Holistic View: At LPA, we believe in a holistic approach to hormone health. We don’t just administer treatments; we take time to understand the entirety of a patient’s health landscape. By integrating hormone balancing with lifestyle and nutritional advice, we ensure our patients receive a 360-degree care package.

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Comprehensive Treatment for Hormonal Imbalance

The body’s hormonal system is intricate, delicately balanced, and profoundly influential on our overall health. When there’s an imbalance, the effects can be pervasive, affecting everything from mood and energy to metabolism. At London Professional Aesthetics (LPA), we understand the profound impact hormones can have on quality of life, and our treatment options reflect this comprehensive understanding.

Understanding BHRT Treatment: Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, or BHRT, is a treatment aimed at restoring hormonal balance. It’s especially valuable for those experiencing menopausal symptoms, where the body’s natural production of hormones like oestrogen and progesterone diminishes. But the use of HRT isn’t limited to menopause. This treatment may encompass using testosterone replacement therapy and DHEA It can be beneficial for various hormonal imbalances that may arise at different stages of life and optimise hormone levels.

Bio-Identical vs Traditional HRT: Our clinic specialises in both traditional and bio-identical HRT. The latter, bio-identical hormone therapy, uses hormones that are chemically identical to the hormones produced by the human body. This can often mean fewer side effects and a more natural integration into the body’s systems. This treatment option also allows for a more individualised approach to dosing. Conventional HRT has a more generic approach

A Tailored Approach: No two individuals are the same, and neither are their hormonal needs. At LPA, we pride ourselves on crafting tailored hormone-balancing plans for our patients. This means a thorough evaluation of symptoms, history, and individual goals with a specialist nurse. We can support and treat hormone imbalances including andropause.

HRT as Part of Holistic Wellness: While hormone therapy is a potent tool in the arsenal against hormonal imbalance, it’s often most effective when combined with other holistic treatments and lifestyle adjustments. Nutritional guidance, stress management techniques, and regular check-ups can complement HRT treatments, ensuring a comprehensive approach to hormonal health. We also go the extra mile to provide emotional support and lifestyle advice. We are easy to access and genuinely happy to help you improve your well-being and get your mojo back.

Safety and Efficacy: The decision to undergo HRT or bioidentical HRT is significant, and concerns about safety and potential side effects are natural. Our commitment at LPA is to always prioritise the patient’s wellbeing, ensuring they are informed and comfortable every step of the way and to optimise the whole process in addition to the outcome. The treatment protocols we follow are evidence-based, ensuring both safety and efficacy for our patients.

The journey to hormonal balance can be transformative. With the right guidance, expertise, and treatment approach, it’s possible to navigate the challenges of hormonal imbalance and embrace a brighter, healthier future.

Choosing the Right Clinics: Why LPA Stands Out in Hormonal Health

Navigating the world of hormonal health can be daunting. With so many options available, finding the right clinic that aligns with your values and needs is crucial. Let’s delve into why choosing the right clinics is paramount and how London Professional Aesthetics (LPA) distinguishes itself in this field.

Expertise and Training: In the realm of hormonal health, knowledge is power. At LPA, our team consists of seasoned professionals who have undergone rigorous training in the field of hormone replacement therapy. Their expertise ensures that patients receive care rooted in the latest medical research and best practices.

Patient-Centric Approach: While many clinics may provide HRT, what sets LPA apart is our patient-centric approach. From the first consultation to the final follow-up, our patients’ well-being is our top priority. We believe in listening intently, understanding each individual’s unique journey, and crafting a treatment plan that aligns with their specific needs and goals. We make ourselves available and responsive to all of our patients. We help our patients differentiate bioidentical HRT creating a personalised plan.

Comprehensive Services: Beyond just HRT, LPA offers a suite of services aimed at holistic health. From hormone health assessments to lifestyle recommendations, we ensure that our patients receive comprehensive care, addressing the root causes of hormonal imbalances rather than just the symptoms.

Reputation and Reviews: The mark of a great clinic often lies in the feedback from its patients. LPA’s reputation in the field of hormonal health is bolstered by countless positive reviews and testimonials from our patients, underscoring our commitment to excellence.

Accessibility and Convenience: Located in the heart of London, LPA offers ease of access to those seeking top-tier hormonal treatments in the city. This service is completely online, making it accessible for you wherever you live. Our unique service means that you do not need to worry about travel or where to source your prescribed medication as we take care of all of that for you. As a part of your assessment, you will need to undergo blood tests (hormone profile) if visiting this clinic is difficult due to your location, you will be able to attend a number of clinics across the UK for this purpose. Your results will come back to us and be used to treat or support a treatment plan for you.

Continuous Evolution: The field of hormonal health is ever-evolving, and so is LPA. We believe in continuous learning, ensuring that our clinic remains at the forefront of advancements in HRT and related treatments.

Deciding to seek help for hormonal imbalances is a significant one. In this journey, the clinic you choose plays a pivotal role. At LPA, we strive to be more than just a clinic; we aim to be a trusted partner in your journey towards optimal hormonal health.

The Role of Advanced Nurse Prescribers: Redefining the Term 'Doctor' in HRT

In the realm of modern healthcare, the role of ‘doctor’ has expanded and evolved. At London Professional Aesthetics (LPA), while we deeply respect the traditional medical hierarchy, we also acknowledge the vital role that advanced nurse prescribers play, especially in the field of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).

Recognizing Advanced Expertise: The title ‘doctor’ signifies a specific level of training, but it’s essential to recognize that advanced nurse prescribers bring a wealth of knowledge, training, and hands-on experience to the table. At LPA, our nurse-led team has undergone rigorous training in HRT, ensuring they can diagnose, advise, and prescribe treatments with the same level of expertise as any medical doctor. We believe that nurses have an elevated ability to communicate, both with listening skills, reading body language as well as the spoken word, demonstrating patience and understanding and also providing simple explanations that are not loaded with jargon or medical terminology.

Personalized Patient Care: One of the hallmarks of nurse-led clinics is the emphasis on patient-centric care. Advanced nurse prescribers often have a more extended history of patient interaction, honing their skills in communication and empathy. At LPA, this translates to a more in-depth consultation process, where the emphasis is on understanding the patient’s journey, listening to their concerns, and crafting a tailored treatment plan.

Holistic Approach: While medical doctors bring a wealth of knowledge in diagnosis and treatment, advanced nurse prescribers often adopt a more holistic approach. This mindset, combined with their expertise in hormone health, allows LPA’s team to not only address the immediate symptoms of hormonal imbalances but also the underlying causes and related lifestyle factors.

Leading the Charge: At LPA, our advanced nurse prescribers aren’t just part of the team; they’re at the forefront. They lead consultations, drive research initiatives, and ensure that the clinic remains at the cutting edge of HRT treatments and innovations.

A Shift in Perspective: The world of healthcare is evolving. The title ‘doctor’ no longer solely defines expertise. At LPA, we champion the role of advanced nurse prescribers, recognizing their unique strengths and the invaluable contributions they make to the field of HRT.

Choosing a clinic for your HRT journey is more than just seeking out a title. It’s about finding a team that listens, understands, and has the expertise to guide you towards optimal hormonal health. At LPA, our nurse-led approach ensures that you receive the best care, irrespective of traditional titles. 


Frequently Asked Questions

This service is aimed at any woman experiencing hormone related symptoms. 

The initial consultation fee is £195 consultation, this includes the results appointment & check ins.    
The 6 monthly medication review is charged at £100    
The standard blood test (which will be suitable for most women) is charged at £210.    
In the event of any additional tests needed they would be charged as extra.    
Medication costs are paid direct to the pharmacy.

Medical history    
List of medications    
Ensure the medical questionnaire and informed consent for BHRT form in your appointment confirmation email has been completed beforehand.    
If you have a pelvic ultrasound scan and / or mammogram dated within the last year, please do send them as a PDF document  to [email protected] before your Initial Consultation.

If you have expressed a preference for Zoom, the link will be sent to you on receipt of your booking fee. Your initial consultation will last 45-60 minutes and is very comprehensive. Elizabeth will be there to listen to your concerns and find out how you are feeling. You will discuss your medical history, symptoms, goals, and the importance of hormone balance. She will also introduce you to BHRT and explain how it may help restore your hormone health.

During your consultation, Elizabeth will recommend the blood tests you need and ask Lorraine to make contact with you to arrange. There is no need to bring any paperwork to the clinic – that will all be done for you. She would also advise if you would benefit from any other investigations.

Your Results Appointment will be over the phone or via video call (according to your preference) once the results of any blood tests and investigations are received.

During your results consultation Elizabeth will explain to you the findings of your consultation combined with any blood test results, and review any issues. She will advise on medications, supplementation and lifestyle changes, tailored to your symptoms. 

Elizabeth will discuss your personalised treatment plan and the options for bespoke medication tailored to your needs. She will also issue your prescription(s), which will be sent directly to Specialist Pharmacy and the medication sent out to you.

Think about any questions you have Let us know about any changes to medications.

Let us know changes to symptoms since your initial consultation.

Elizabeth will discuss your personalised treatment plan and the options for bespoke medication tailored to your needs. She will also issue your prescription(s), which will be sent directly to Specialist Pharmacy and the medication sent out to you.

In the event of prescribing medication, we must inform your GP and we therefore do require that you allow permission for this. This is an insurance requirement and we will not be able to prescribe without this.

You must have a review at least every 6 months with blood tests in order to continue  with any prescribed medication.

If you have not been by us for over a year, you will need to make an initial consultation booking rather than a follow up.

Bioidentical hormones are used in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) and have an identical chemical structure to the naturally occurring hormones which are produced in the body. These differ from synthetic hormones used in traditional HRT.

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