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Radiowave surgery offers a gentle and efficient solution for removing unwanted lumps and bumps.

Advantages of Radiowave Surgery for Lump Removal

Radiowave surgery will gently and effectively remove your unwanted lumps and bumps.



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Lumps and bumps include skin tags, milia, sebaceous hyperplasia, DPN, warts, xanthomas.

Radiowave uses a gentle heat energy to remove lumps and bumps with no need for stitches.

After treatment you will be left with a small crust or microscab, this will fall away naturally within a few weeks.

We may decide to numb your skin before treatment using a cream or a tiny injection to keep the treatment as comfortable as possible.

We usually advise you keep the treated area dry for twenty four hours after treatment. Following that, you can get it wet but do not expose treated areas to moisture for any extended periods.

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