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Treatments You Can Trust

Posted on 10 March, 2011

The world of aesthetic treatments has exploded over the last sixteen years. The variety of products available is growing all the time and the industry is a very exciting and dynamic field to work in. However, on the downside to this boom is that aesthetics seem to have slipped by the need for regulation. This means that anyone can set up an aesthetics business without breaking any rules or regulations. Even with 'botox' being a 'prescription only' medicine, there are ways around procuring prescriptions and administering the products.

The Independent Healthcare Advisory Services has set up 'treatments you can trust' with the support of the Department of Health. Treatments You Can Trust is a register of only appropriately trained doctors, nurses and dentists who have been awarded a quality mark following a rigorous application process the individual or business must work through. This self regulation system is currently optional and many within and outside of the industry argue that this does not go far enough. It is my view that as it is the only regulatory body available specifically for aesthetics then it is really important to be on the register so that clients have some reassurance that at LPA they will receive appropriate services in line with legal frameworks and quality standards. LPA opts to offer wrinkle reduction injections, dermal fillers, chemical skin peels, dermaroller and skincare products with a high safety profile and is now extremely proud to announce that the application for the Treatments You Can Trust register has been successful.

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