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Mid Face Lift

As we age we lose volume in the mid face area leading to the development of nose to mouth lines, sagging around the mouth area and development of jowls. All of this can leave us with a sad or tired look even when we do not feel that way. By using expertly placed injections of hyaluronic acid filler we can create lift and build volume to achieve a fresher look.

Mid face lift from £400


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Why choose LPA?

At LPA you are in the safest hands. LPA is a medical clinic registered with Care Quality Commission and Save Face. Our treatments are only administered by highly skilled registered nurses.

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Q & A

Is Mid Face Lift treatment for Me?

Mid face volume loss can occur at different ages for different people. Mid face lifting is used for both men and women with slightly different techniques aimed at either feminising or masculinising.

How does Mid Face Lift treatment work?

Used in small amounts mid face filler can act as a maintenance treatment, whereas larger volumes will lift and contour the face.

Will Mid Face Lift treatment make me look puffy?

It is normal to experience mild swelling following filler treatment which settles very quickly usually within 48 hours.

Does Mid Face Lift treatment hurt?

Numbing cream is applied to make your treatment as comfortable as possible. All of our fillers contain a numbing agent and so treatments really are comfortable.

How long do Mid Face Lift fillers last for?

The Vycross range of fillers used for mid face lifting will last around eighteen months.

Are there any medical reasons you cannot have Mid Face Lift treatment?

This treatment is very safe. The main reason you may not be suitable is if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Also if you are taking antibiotics, you should wait until you have completed the course and your infection has resolved.