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Injectable Lipolysis

Injectable lipolysis is a revolutionary treatment for stubborn pockets of fat.

Injectable lipolysis - from £250


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Why choose LPA?

At LPA you are in the safest hands. LPA is a medical clinic registered with Care Quality Commission and Save Face. Our treatments are only administered by highly skilled registered nurses.

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Q & A

Is it for Me?

Injectable lipolysis is a revolutionary treatment for stubborn pockets of fat. For many of, even when we are looking after our diet and taking regular exercise, due to our genetic makeup our bodies will develop fat pouches that are extremely difficult to target. Typically these may affect the abdomen, around the bra line, the hips and thighs and under the chin.

How does it work?

Injectable lipolysis or fat dissolving involves using a series of small injections to target pockets of fat. The treatment works by hydrolysing the fat cell wall, causing it to break down and be excreted via the body’s lymphatic system. Depending on the area treated, most people will need at least 2 treatments to achieve the desired results.

Will I get bruising?

As with all injectable treatments, bruising is a possibility. We usually advise to expect noticeable bruising and swelling. This is usually short lived and well tolerated when it is expected.

Does it hurt?

Injectable lipolysis causes minimal discomfort. When treating larger areas, we may first numbest the skin using a numbing cream.

How long will results last for?

Results are maintained with your lifestyle. The better you are at sticking to a healthy diet and activity regime, the longer lasting your results will be.

Are there any medical reasons you cannot have this treatment?

This treatment is unsuitable for anyone with a soya allergy as the treatment is soya based, pregnancy or breast feeding, thyroid problems, heart and kidney disease, auto immune disease and uncontrolled diabetes.