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The Power of your Consultation

Posted on 23 January, 2023

I often get a message from my team - so & so is asking - 'do I need to have a consultation?'

 A consultation sounds a bit stuffy or like a complete waste of time and I’m not sure it really represents what we do and what it’s for. It’s a very valuable part of the process of giving you a great treatment (in fact it’s so valuable I had an academic article published on this very topic in one of the industry magazines a few years back).

Quite simply - a consultation gives us the opportunity to get to know you and vice versa.

Dealing with the process of ageing and self image is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

You see, we all look different, we all feel different, we all see the world differently and the world sees us differently too.

Here’s what we cover in a consultation

The boring stuff 🥱🥱

Medical history - that means asking a little about your general physical health status, medications, allergies, family illnesses - that kind of thing.

What makes you tick ✅✅✅

Where you are in life, how you are feeling, what you are up to, your hopes and goals, your fears and insecurities.

In other words your consultation is your opportunity to tell us how you feel about yourself. We want to help you to feel better - that’s our purpose at LPA. The more we understand you the better we can deliver

Pictures 🎆

Pictures are taken for your medical records. From time to time we may ask permission to share these, but the main purpose is to keep in your notes.

It’s not going through the motions it’s a useful worthwhile process, if you use it that way.

The more you share with us, the better equipped we are to help you to achieve what you want to achieve. A consultation is your opportunity to tell us how you feel about yourself. 

Some of you are really well informed about what you want and that’s great - it also gives you a more confident approach. But here's the thing I'm always telling people - you don’t need to know what you need. You don’t even need to be able to pinpoint the exact issue you have. You simply tell us how you feel & we can work from there.

We understand that it's a big decision to come & ask for our opinion or a treatment and we also know that most of us will be told by friends or family 'you don't need to do that’. Maybe they're even waiting to say 'I told you not to do that!’

With that in mind we’re on a mission to win your trust from the off, by making your visit relaxed and easy and sending you on your way with a natural fresh version of you.

Anything you tell us is strictly between us.

So whether you're feeling a bit flat after Christmas or wanting your skin to reflect your new year health regime, we are here to listenlook, suggestplan & ultimately help  you to put together a personalised plan with a personalised goal. The start of your transformation to the new improved you.

How often should I have a consultation?

You definitely need a consultation with us at your first appointment - that’s a ‘no brainer’. Following that I would schedule it in at least once a year - a check in to ensure we are on the track with you, an opportunity to track any changes, introduce any new options and put together a plan based on the current you.

So the LPA consultation is much more than just firing questions & writing down your answers. So when you come in- take the time to talk to us, find out the options available to you.

Our Consultations are a ‘getting to know you’ exercise, on which we hope to build on over time. Getting to know about you as a person helps us to tailor treatments to emphasise your good points and diminish those features that don't present the best you.