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Skincare Spotlight - Theraderm Extreme Dry Skin Therapy

Posted on 27 April, 2011

Skincare Spotlight  is a feature where each month a client will be chosen by LPA to test out a product and then write a review. This is to enable you to get an unbiased product review and for LPA to ensure that the products on sale are worth stocking! The product featured here will be sold at a 10% discount following the client review.

This month's skincare spotlight is on Theraderm Extreme Dry Skin Therapy, this product was reviewed by Michelle Brannan. This will be available with a 10% discount until 27th May!

'I used 'Extreme Dry Skin Therapy`  as I suffered from dry skin on my hands.  Being a personal trainer and Bikini Competitor, I am lifting  weights all the time and the skin on my hands tend to become a little rough. I used `Extreme Dry Skin Therapy' twice a day and I felt a difference within a few days. The cream was non greasy but provided a barrier to keep the moisture in. I liked the cream so much I started using it on my face. The cream definitely made my face feel smoother, it has a great texture and generally makes dry skin more comfortable. I would recommend this product!'

Michelle Brannan (Personal Trainer & Bikini Competitor)