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SkinCare Spotlight - Dermaroller™ Home Meso Rejuvenation Kit

Posted on 4 July, 2011

Skincare Spotlight is a feature where each month a client will be chosen by LPA to test out a product and then write a review. This is to enable you to get an unbiased product review and for LPA to ensure that the products on sale are worth stocking! The product featured here will be sold at a 10% discount following the client review. Watch out for the first review or sign up to the facebook page so that you will be notified about every special offer at LPA! Interested in past client product reviews? Check the blog page for archived reviews.   This month's skincare spotlight is on Dermaroller™

Home Meso Rejuvenation Kit. This product is reviewed below by SJ (female aged 32) and will be available with a 10% discount until 4th September!     

I have used the dermaroller home rolling kit for about six weeks now. I usually do a fair amount of home treatments - facemasks I am used to spending a bit of time on my skin which some people may not want to do. The instructions are really easy to follow and everything you need is provided in the kit. I got the home rolling kit in the first place because I was really pleased with the result of my Dermaroller course I had a few months ago, so I thought the home rolling would be good maintenance before I have another treatment next year. The roller is a bit prickly - especially the first time you use it but obviously you control how much pressure is applied, anyway it's definitely worth it - I do it before bed and my skin is flushed straight away, by the morning it has settled to a nice glow that I have had comments on. The lipopeptide serum smells a bit but so do other vitamin A preparations I have tried - must be all the goodness you can smell!! I really think this is the way forward now & all those lost evenings having facemasks and money spent on facials that didn't really make any difference, I 'll be sticking with my Dermaroller!                                                                                                        

SJ (female aged 32)