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Sequinpark Islington

Posted on 17 June, 2012

Sequinpark is a ladies only gym in Islington run by the fabulous Geraldine Waring. It has been going strong since she developed her innovative idea back in 1984. Geraldine is a testament to the healthy lifestyle philosophy, there's no denying she is in great shape. Her gym offers a relaxed non threatening alternative environment for women to work out and get results. She offers weight loss classes that really do work as well as a range of classes and other services. I have recently had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Geraldine and introducing her to the world of aesthetics. Although someone who strongly believes in the power of 'natural' approaches, Geraldine was ready to give aesthetics a try.

And the verdict? Geraldine was delighted with the results and is happy to share the 'secret' with her clients. If you're looking for help to lose weight or get fit or meet new people, get in touch with Sequinpark, they offer lots of different affordable ways to work out and the gym is like Dr Who's tardis, much bigger than you think.