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New Years Resolutions

Posted on 31 December, 2011

Today is the last day of the month and more importantly the last day of 2011. Another year gone and a new one just on the horizon. The end of anything tends to stimulate reflection; the end of the year draws a line in time and motivates us to consider the previous twelve months and to look forward to what the next year has in store. I can hardly believe another year of life has passed by. It’s true what they tell you when you’re a kid – as you get older time passes more quickly. Last year I decided not to make any New Year resolution but this year I am ready! There’s nothing startling in there – my usual selection:

·    Restart my training (although this year I am looking to increase the intensity and hopefully the results I see).

·     I am going to change my diet, I spent 2011 dabbling with a higher protein, lower carb approach and again I am intending to fine tune this and see if I can stick a little more consistently. Although I have done some reading around this and am certainly not excited by the range of foods on offer.  I do like to eat……protein shake anyone?

·     I want to learn to speak Spanish. I did this to GSCE level at school so know the basics of this beautiful and my favourite language.

·     I want to study Buteyko breathing, a technique  

Then come the other resolutions you know the ones I mean – the ones that are working towards world peace be more patient be less greedy be kinder be less judgemental   So if all goes well by June I should be well on my way to being a perfect human being. If it doesn’t go so well……well there’s always next year! Happy New Year and here’s to success with your New Year resolutions!