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Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

Posted on 19 December, 2010

 LPA will be closed for the festive season starting Wednesday 22nd December through to Monday 10th January.  January will see the launch of Theraderm Skin care range developed by  Lifestyle Aesthetics and the LA peel – a superficial to mid depth peel which is the perfect skin rejuvenation treatment!   

LPA would like to wish all its clients a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!  It's always a good time of the year to reflect on the year gone by and to plan for the year ahead. Often our own daily habits and choices are not as good as they could be but we are so busy we just get stuck in a routine. So around this time of the year we often set new years resolutions that we break almost as soon as we have set them! However sometimes we surprise ourselves and manage to stick to our goals. If you are serious about stopping smoking, starting exercise, eating more healthily then go for it but get some help – changing ingrained habits is not easy. There is so much help out there from various sources – a good place to start with your 'health' goals can be your local GP or practice nurse. If they are not able to help they will know who can and how to access them.

The Internet is the fountain of all knowledge but be cautious as there is  a lot of bad advice out there. There are plenty of self help books available. More simply enlist the help of friends of family – those around you want you to do well and sometimes all you need is a bit of motivation and support.  Whatever your goals are – find out what kind of help works for you and you can only do this through trial and error and if you fail, well there's always next year!