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Male Facial Aesthetics

Posted on 13 June, 2011

For men the subjects of skincare and personal grooming can be a daunting and intimidating. But as The Guardian reported on Saturday in the article 'Pressure on men to maintain their looks' , these subjects are now very much relevant to men. Like it or not, image has become an important aspect of our lives. The way we present ourselves to others can deliberately or inadvertently affect the way that we are perceived. Whether you want to look fresh and presentable at work or are single and want to enhance or maintain looks for dating- there are lots of ways of enhancing your presentation; through well fitting flattering clothes, regularly groomed hair and taking care of your skin. In terms of facial aesthetics, the same treatments that are offered to women are also suitable for men, it may be that they are administered in slightly a different way or in different doses to preserve the masculinity of the face.  As when treating women, it is possible to achieve a look that is subtle yet noticeable, in other words others can see you look good but they don't know why. If you're an interested man, here are the basics: Skincare - having a daily skincare regime should definitely include a sun protection product applied every morning (preferably 30+), there are many other products available such as moisturisers, serums, cleansers, exfoliaters.

Wrinkle reduction injections - these are used on 'active lines' so for example when you lift your eyebrows you will see horizontal creases along your forehead, injections can simply soften these lines so they are not as deep, these can also be used in between the brows to treat the frown area and also at the sides of the eyes 'crows feet'

Dermal fillers - these injections are used to fill out deep lines for example the lines that run from the outer nostril down to the corner of the mouth, or they may also be used to add volume to flattened areas like the cheeks.

Dermaroller - this is like a miniature wallpaper roller covered with fine needles, it is rolled over your skin and tricks the skin into a healing response therefore boosting collagen production resulting in a brighter, fresher complexion. If you don't like the idea of injecting a product into your skin then this is the treatment for you! Excessive sweating - underarm sweating can be a real problem especially showing up on work shirts and if you sweat execssively, you will find anti perspirants and deoderants just don't stand up to the job. This problem can be treated really effectively using shallow injections into the underarm area with the effect lasting for around 6 months.

These treatments are not painful, for some you will be offered anaesthetic cream to numb the skin and some products already contain anaesthetic within them. These treatments are also not permanent( ranging from 3-9 months depending on the treatment) and so if you don't like them, they will wear off At LPA all of the clinics are located in discreet premises so you don't need to worry about who might see you going in or out, many people choose not to tell others about the treatments they are having. Don't be fooled by the men you see on  TV who are maintaining their looks -sports presenters, footballers, TV presenters, musicians -  you would be surprised - many of them are having treatments that is visible only to the trained eye so don't get left behind - try something new!