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LPA Newsletter April 2017

Posted on 12 April, 2017

Goodbye and Good Luck Ieva! We are so sad to tell you that our amazing Front of House Ieva Caune is leaving us at the end of the month. Ieva has been with us since we opened in Whitecross Street and has been an incredible asset to the clinic. It is time for her to move to pastures new and although we are heavy hearted we sincerely wish her all the very best with her new venture!  

Radiowave Surgery

This month we are introducing Radiowave technology for the removal of blemishes. This system allows effective removal of flat and raised skin lesions with no need for stitches and minimal downtime. Treatments from £250. There is now a real alternative to a surgical rhinoplasty! Non surgical nose reshaping is a technique using a filler injected in small amounts to correct the shape of the nose. This is an incredible treatment option for those who are not ready for surgery either due to cost, fear or length of downtime. This treatment is £400 and takes under 30 minutes. Get in touch for more info in the usual way.  


One of the biggest concerns we frequently hear is that you do not want to look ‘done’. With this in mind we have collaborated with Hyalual to bring  you THE latest trend aesthetic treatment that everyone is talking about. From Madonna’s hands to the faces of a  plethora of celebs, redermalization mesotherapy is the 'go to' treatment for those  who wish to look flawless but not ‘different.' Rederm is the closest to a natural product which makes a real visible improvement.   The secret is in the unique blend of Hyaluronic Acid & Succinc Acid - both naturally occurring in our bodies' cells. This treatment is  given in tiny micro droplets just under the surface of the skin. It works to improve the general appearance of the skin -  fine lines, pigmentation, luminosity and hydration. In addition by working with the facial vectors we can create lift, perfect for those of you who do not want dermal fillers.  

With Rederm, we can choose a strength of product best suited to your skin. Following application of anaesthetic cream, we carry out the treatment with minimal discomfort. Immediately after you may be able to see some ‘insect bite’ like bumps in the skin - these will be absorbed within 24 hours.   Treatable Areas This treatment is perfect for the previously tricky under eye area, addressing dark circles, fine lines and thin creepy skin. You may opt to treat the whole face to reduce pigmented uneven skin or to introduce luminosity to your complexion. Hands, necks and décolleté all benefit from the antioxidant, anti-ageing properties of Xela Rederm.   We have been offering this treatment at a discounted rate and as you are loving it so much we will continue this offer until the end of April.

Offer Price: Under Eye treatment £200 per session Whole Face £350 per session Neck / hands / décolleté £350 per session   Get booked in now!