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Is Your Weight Getting on Top of You?

Posted on 9 February, 2021

Weight management has never been as hard as it is right now.

The reasons?

- Significantly reduced daily activity due to lockdown

- Gym & leisure clubs closed

- Cold dark days

- Lack of optimism

- Increased comfort eating

- Increase in alcohol intake

Now, some of these may apply to you, some may not, or perhaps you can think of a whole lot of other causes.

Weight gain can be an acceptable issue, especially if weight gain still sees you within a ‘healthy’ body weight. For others it can be more distressing, whether concerns about health matters or just an added factor to make you feel a bit down in the dumps.

So how do you lose weight?

Many of us know, on paper it is really a very simple question - eat less energy than you use during the day in activities consistently and you will drop the excess baggage. But, life isn’t that simple is it? We are not robots, we are complex physical and emotional beings and our drivers and motivators come from all corners of our minds and bodies.

One of the most difficult things about reducing your calorific intake to less than what you are used to and to less the you are expending in energy, inevitably results in feeling hungry.

Feeling hungry is tough, you think about food constantly that can lead to hanger!

Hunger is the single most unaddressed issue in most weight management programmes you can think of.

Using our 'prescription only medication' dramatically reduces your hunger and makes calorie reduction easy.

Our programme involves us firstly

Ensuring you are suitable for the programme - we only treat people whose BMI is 27 or over.
Ensuring you have no medical reasons that would make using our medication inadvisable.
Ensuring that you have the required motivation for sticking to a reduction in calories and an activity programme alongside using the medication.

What makes us different?

Our ongoing support during your time using the medication means you are not simply left to get on with it. We offer you full support as you embark on your health improvement journey. Our experienced nurses have already chalked up years of experience helping people to lose weight. We can help you to unpack the blockades you may encounter along the way and provide you with non judgemental support and encouragement to achieve your goals.

We want to see you succeed and to enjoy the lift in your outlook that you experience as a result of feeling better about yourself.

If you think this sounds like something that might help you, then find out if you are eligible by filling out our assessment form.

LPA is an award-winning nurse-led clinic. Our philosophy is to help you age in a way that you feel confident and comfortable in yourself. We’re on a mission to win your trust from the off, by making your visit relaxed and easy and ultimately sending you on your way with a natural revitalised and more attractive version of you, so that you’re ready to conquer your world! We are based in EC1 in the bustle of the city. We are registered with Save Face, the UK aesthetics regulatory body.

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