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5 Easy steps to healthy eating

Posted on 26 July, 2022

Step 1 Book your appointment

Book in to see our specialist nurse. If you prefer a virtual consultation we can also accommodate this.  

Step 2 DNA collection

Visiting the clinic Your nurse will take you through a comprehensive questionnaire, including questions about your medical status and lifestyle. You will have some measurements taken to complete the questionnaire. You will also have your DNA sample taken - this is done simply by way of a spongy swab applied to the inside of your cheeks.

Virtual consultation:

In advance of your appointment you will receive some guidance on some measurements that you will need to complete your questionnaire. You will also be sent the DNA swab in the post so that you can take the sample during the video call under supervision.  

Step 3 Sending everything off

The questionnaire is sent to the lab electronically, whilst the swab is sent in a pre paid envelope to the testing lab in Spain.  

Step 4 Results

Your results will take around 4 weeks and you will then have a virtual follow up appointment with our nutritional DNA expert.  

Step 5 Treatment

Time to implement your personalised plan and reap the benefits!