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'I see my Face on Zoom and Feel Rubbish'

Posted on 25 March, 2021

Does this sound familiar? You are not alone! I'm more than fed up of both hearing and talking about anxiety, fear, hopelessness, fatigue, bewilderment, rules and regulations, tiers and tears, YET these are realities in many shapes and forms for us all. The ripple effect of the pandemic has left us all feeling less than 100% and we are still not through! At the end of the first lockdown I put together a skin package I was completely thrilled with. The 'Bounce Back Package' comprises of skin boosting Profhilo with wrinkle reduction injections. It was a Eureka moment for me - a beautiful pairing, a synergistic coupling, a medicinal blend. The ability to wipe away the visible stress from my clients faces with such an easy intervention is not only a delight for you but also me! To be honest, it started out as a temporary treatment package just to help meet and greet us out of that first lockdown....little did I know that lockdown was to become a way of life and that each one would take its toll a little more than the one before. I'm not one to gloat but I can't help but notice that a few clinics have gone as far as replicating my idea - well you know what they say? Imitation is the best form of flattery! So, if you feel the weight of the world showing on your face, the Bounce Back Package will ?? Get you looking less tired, less grumpy, less angry. ?? Get you looking more fresh, more radiant, more energised. ??Get you looking just like you but better! You will have 2 appointments with 1 month in between.

Appointment 1) 1st Profhilo + wrinkle reduction injections

Appointment 2) 2nd Profhilo + any adjustments of the wrinkle reduction.

If you think this could give you the 'pep up' up need, don't hesitate - book in right now! All treatments will be discussed in full and explained at your appointment, but if you need a little more info simply get in touch!

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