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How to choose the right facial

Posted on 25 August, 2017

These days there are so many facials every week you will see a celebrity endorsing the newest treatment available.

Before you jump in headfirst for the most talked about treatment, our Clinical Director has a few tips to guide you into making the right choice for you.

  1. Ask yourself what you want to get from your treatment - are you going for a therapeutic experience of oils, massage and relaxation or are you looking for a visible result?
  2. If you are going for a therapeutic experience then  look for reviews, recommendations, locations, cost.

If you are going for a result - what is it you want?

 Is it anti ageing, is it a red carpet facial, is it a facial to help with a recent skin outbreak?

Considering your goals will help you to choose wisely. Beyond that set your budget - what is affordable for you. If you are attending a skin clinic you can expect to have a consultation - use this opportunity to express your goals  and allow your practitioner to recommend what they think will be best suited to achieve them.

Finally  - always do your research  - look for registered clinics, look for client testimonials and look for facial options as one size does not fit all.