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Happy Tanning!

Posted on 27 June, 2011

Just back from an amazingly relaxing week in beautiful Greek Cyprus. The sun was shining from early in the morning all day long every day. I do love to bake myself in the sun whether it,s relaxing by the pool or at the beach, the feeling of the sun on my skin is a sensation I relish. The only difference is that these days I am sensible about sun protection.

As a child I blistered all over my back on one holiday – not a good look and not a good way to get a restful nights sleep. In my late teens and early twenties, like many I was hell bent on getting  a tan whilst on holiday.  Whilst I did use sun protection (and not all my friends did – 1 in particular used baby oil insisting there was no difference!!). I would either just use too low an SPF for my Celtic skin or start off the holiday with a sensible SPF but then try and step down at some point during the holiday. The result of either of these strategies would be some degree of burning in one area or other. This pointless desperation to use the lowest possible SPF simply results in dangerous, uncomfortable and uneven tanning.  I have never been a great sunbed user but have in the past used sunbeds pre and post holiday in the belief it would somehow ,’prime ‘ my skin for tanning and prolong the colour.

Now I am a sensible 30 something, I understand that we all have different shades of skin colour and with a little care and attention, all are beautiful . I do love the sun and find it hard to stop myself basking like a lizard so in order to prevent looking like one I use a high factor SPF …the whole way through the holiday – from start to finish! I reapply regularly and especially after swimming. The point is that this way I do still tan, but it is safe, pain free and even because I do not allow myself to burn anywhere.

This holiday I used Heliocare Advanced SPF 50 gel for my face and the spray for my body.  I was really pleased with the products. They worked well giving great protection and were not greasy or smelly. I have finally found a sun protection regime I will stick with!

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