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Posted on 9 July, 2011

Happiness = Beauty   A survey carried out by Merz Aesthetics has revealed that most women feel at their most beautiful when they are happy. Whilst most women would like to improve a facial feature, many say that they don’t mind looking their age; they just don’t want to look older. This survey (the Face Value Beauty Survey) was conducted among women from the UK, France, Spain & Russia. All of those surveyed had experience with or interest in using facial injectable treatments.   2939 women surveyed across Europe   When they are happy…. 70% of women feel most beautiful 89% feel more beautiful 89% say when they feel beautiful they are more confident 70% feel more confident as they age 95% of women would like to improve or alter a facial feature 78% believe it is acceptable to invest in aesthetic procedures as they age   Source: Merz Aesthetics in Body Language Journal (46) 2011