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Frotox Anyone?

Posted on 12 July, 2012

Cryoneuromodulation is the official term for the latest development in the war against wrinkle formation!

This revolutionary new treatment is still in the testing phase but is set to be launched at the end of this year.

In the same way as 'botox' , this treatment targets the nerves responsible for muscular activity and delivers a cold 'shock' sending the nerve to 'sleep'. The treatment is said to last for up to four months just like traditional 'botox'.

Coldtox or Frotox as it is being called is currently being trialled in London. This treatment traditionally has been used as a remedy for chronic pain and so has a safety record for its use medicinally. This is the way that several aesthetic procedures / products have been discovered.

The pen-like device is applied to the target areas for treatment (after they have been numbed using a local anaesthetic). A cold shock is then delivered for a burst of thirty seconds until the desired effect is achieved. This usually takes between two and eight applications carried out in one session.

Unlike 'botox', this procedure does require skin numbing beforehand, but once numbed, patients describe the sensation as one of 'pressure' rather than pain. The effects are seen right away and so far trials seem to be going well.

Until the London launch of coldtox or frotox, if you're looking for an effective wrinkle reduction treatment that actually works, your best option is still good old fashioned 'botox'. If you haven't taken the plunge yet, why not give it a try - you will be amazed at the results! Phone or email through your appointment request now!