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Facebook Live 17th April - the one about who we are!

Posted on 28 April, 2019

'And I'm here today, we're just keeping it really simple, going back to basics and I thought I would just talk to you a little bit about who I am and where I've popped up from, and what I do. And as always, if there's anything that you want to ask or comment on as I go, please do feel free. So you know that I'm Elizabeth Rimmer. And I am the Clinical Director for London Professional Aesthetics and also for 193 Whitecross Street, which is the premises in which I offer my services. And I also have other practitioners there that offer kind of holistic health type services as well.

So, I find that sometimes when people call for the first time to the clinic, they will often ask, hi how much is x, y or z, whatever it is that they're interested in. And that could be it. Or they may ask, are you insured? Or they may ask, is there a doctor at your clinic?

Those are generally the kind of questions that people ring up and ask. And I think sometimes people feel kind of awkward about asking about our credentials and that kind of thing, if they're going down that path, they're a bit apologetic about it. So, part of what I wanted to say today was, it's fine to do that. You know, you should be asking who's injecting your face. You should never feel awkward or embarrassed about doing that. And you know, I understand that sometimes people just ring up and ask the price, because they don't really know what else to ask. And they just want to kind of get a feel for the place. And I think if you're kind of tuned in and kind of know what you're doing, you should be able to pick up on that and you should be able to kind of give that person more than just the prices, and explain a bit about the clinic. So, don't ever feel awkward or uncomfortable if you want to find out more about a clinic or a practitioner and what their background is. And that person at that clinic should be very responsive to that and very positive about it, because it's a good thing. You should be asking.'