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Client Feedback

Posted on 24 May, 2011

Why do we need feedback?

Every client seen at LPA is invited to offer feedback on the treatments they have received and the service overall. The aim of this exercise is to gauge what it is that clients like and dislike and how to therefore keep improving the service. Also it is a way of offering clients a way to complain if there are things they haven’t been pleased about but haven’t felt able to come forward with a complaint. This feedback covers the time period February until May 2011.

Following the previous feedback results, this time each question was answered using a number scale of 1-10 in the hope that this will provide better comparative results going forward.

Thank You!

It is really useful to get this feedback otherwise you simply don’t know what it is that people like and dislike. We are constantly being bombarded with evaluation forms, feedback forms and surveys in our busy lives today. The feedback form for this reason is kept short and concise to ensure it is a quick exercise for those willing to spare a few minutes.

LPA would like to thank all those clients who have taken the time to offer their comments – they are all gratefully received and all are read and considered. What follows is a summary of the last quarter, using the mean average score for each question:


'How easy was it for you to get an appointment that was convenient for you?'


'Did you feel that enough time was spent consulting with you to find your needs?'


'Did you feel happy with the amount of post treatment information?'


'Were you pleased with the outcome of your treatment?'




The results were great and a slight improvement on the last quarter! As always you can rest assured, complacency will not set in! LPA is always seeking to improve the clients overall experience and will be striving to improve feedback overall in the next quarter. Watch out for the next report in September 2011!