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Christmas shopping

Posted on 30 October, 2010

Christmas shopping…..just that one phrase is enough to send a chill down my spine!  I know I’m not alone in my dread.  There are however those people out there who start their shopping in August and have everything bought and wrapped up by September… do you do that? I mean really it is the sensible option – there’s no denying that – spreading the cost over a few months, casually wandering into shops and smugly ticking names off your alphabetically ordered list as you purchase gifts you have really thought about. Certainly that confidence of knowing that your gift will be just right for the recipient does make the whole experience so much more pleasurable. Then you can sit back and watch the panic unleash around you as friends and family who are not quite so organised start to feel the pressure of the ever nearing big day.   The rest of us seem to opt for the slightly more chaotic approach. No sense of time, no idea of what to get for whom and each year the realisation e that as several friends or family have had more children and have new partners the list is even longer than the previous year! 

The dreaded countdown of shopping days to Christmas is all around you there is no escape from it; it’s on the TV the radio posters it’s what people use for small talk around this time of year when they don’t know what else to talk about! But still we resist and try to put it off until the last minute. We even tell ourselves and others that it’s much more fun that way! Yeah right, if you enjoy supermarket shopping in the middle of a busy Saturday afternoon (& I know there are some of you out there that do!) then last minute Christmas shopping really is great fun! 

Perhaps we should learn from year on year experience and stop  moaning about how early the shops seem to bring out their Christmas paraphernalia in September  & October and instead recognise it as a sign that now is a good time to get started, write a list, buy some wrapping paper and yes maybe even a few presents!  The other option would be the armchair shopping method using the good old world wide web. Yes I know it’s not Christmassy (but you can always wear a paper hat whilst you do it or hang some tinsel over the computer) at least you have the space to think. It’s not that easy to feel inspiration when you are doing fierce battle in the high street. You can feel your blood pulsating through your veins in a way that it probably shouldn’t and you find yourself having homicidal thoughts as you are barged through by other maniacal shoppers in a similar state of meltdown to your own! Contemplating murder by strangulation with your bare hands isn’t that Christmassy either is it? The trouble with internet shopping is that you can’t touch things you can’t feel things, so it might not be the best way to buy clothes but it can be a great way to buy kids presents, gift vouchers, DVDs, CDs and cosmetic products. So anyway next year I’m going to get organised really early, I’m going to join the smug club and pay up for lifelong membership…just as soon as I get round to it!!