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LPA's Top 10 Christmas Gift Suggestions

Posted on 30 November, 2020

This month it’s Christmas and we know the primary thing on your mind is what to buy for who!!   Here are my top 10 gift suggestions from LPA, we can deliver, wrap or you can collect from our EC1 clinic.   10) Mr Blanc Teeth Whitening Strips £19.99 – every year I say this is fantastic stocking filler  & it is!!! Suitable for everyone & who doesn’t want whiter teeth? No sensitivity issues, easy to use & visible results after using this 14 day kit.   9) Dermalux gift card £50 – if you haven’t yet experienced an LED facial you really are missing out – imagine a fuss free treatment that involves lying back and taking a powernap whilst a soothing lamp stimulates your skin cells to produce more collagen & elastin. Loved by men & women alike… you may find this card hard to part with!   8) Collagen shots £39.95 – a perfect addition for a healthy new year regime. This award winning daily supplement firms up your skin from the inside and will last a whole month.   7) Vouchers £50 / £25 – not sure what to give but don’t want to give cash? Vouchers can be redeemed against literally any of our treatments or services and have no expiry date.   6) SOS lip cream £36 – I don’t know about you but I never make it through the winter without at least one episode of dry lips and this cream is the best I have ever found!   5) Wow mask £15 for a single mask or  £70 for a box of 5. I simply LOVE these masks, dripping in moisture, apply to the face and leave it on for 40 minutes. An absolute winter wonder!   4) pH resurfacing kits £150 – these kits contain a cleanser, day cream, night cream and a hydrater. They come in 4 varieties. AC is for someone who suffers with breakouts, acne or just has a tendency for oily skin. CR is for someone who has redness or often finds that they are sensitive to various skin products. MELA for anyone with a patchy complexion, freckles, scarring or sun damaged skin. Finally AGE is for people who are looking to prevent or reduce signs of ageing.   3) The Perfect Body Wash & Lotion £120 – now this is for someone really special! This beautiful combo brought to you by the people behind the Perfect Peel. I absolutely love treating myself to this during the winter or before a summer holiday, for that soft, hydrated healthy looking skin.   2) Lash growth £78.99 – soooo many of you have discovered  this in 2020. I told you it worked!!!!   1) Wow Facial at home £79  - those splendid people at Wow have only gone & put together a kit you can use to treat yourself without leaving home. The kits contain 2 treatments so book yourself in twice or have pamper evening with your partner! Good luck with your shopping & do in touch if you have any questions!! xx SkinnLizzie xxx