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Changes to botox pricing

Posted on 1 November, 2017

Here at LPA we are changing the way we charge for Botox. The UK is one of the only countries to charge for botox on a ‘treatment area’ basis. Some of the leading clinics already charge according the amount of toxin used rather than the areas treated. This means that we can treat your face to get the best aesthetic result without being focused on which areas you treat.

Treatment costs

1 vial (50 units) £250

2 vials (100 units) £375

3 vials (150 units) £500

4 vials (200 units) £625  

To guide your budgeting, if you are a female you can expect to treat 2 areas using 1 vial of botox, or 2 vials for s stronger result. Many men will need to 2 vials unless treating just a single area. For underarm sweating 2 vials are needed, again men may benefit from using 3 vials. You are always welcome to book for a review appointment and we certainly encourage this for those of you undergoing treatment with us for the first time. Any issues around asymmetry will be treated without charge.   Should you simply prefer a stronger result you will be required to make a further payment.   As always we continue to use the leading brand Botox which we believe to give a great result in terms of longevity but if you have a different preference you can let us know & we will ensure we stock it for you.   Please do not hesitate to call or email any questions you may have regarding this change to our service.