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Botox Britain

Posted on 20 April, 2011

So we had ‘Botox Britain’ on BBC3 recently. It was definitely entertaining but as always it seemed to be a somewhat biased presentation of the world of medical aesthetics. The main issues seemed to focus around safety, unwanted effects & the addictive aspects of facial aesthetics. Safety The option of buying DIY kits from the internet has one major appeal, the cost. We all want a good deal and there is no denying that facial aesthetic treatments do not come cheaply.  However it cannot be strongly emphasised enough that this is a waste of money for the following reasons: You don’t actually know what you are buying; it could range from a sugar solution to extra strong dosing of a wrinkle reduction agent. You don’t know if it is sterile. Dying your own hair is one thing but really…injecting your face?

I can think I can safely say that this is an unwanted aspect of the industry and the sooner it can be more rigorously governed the better for everyone.   Unwanted Effects Never believe it when a practitioner guarantees you nothing can go wrong with injectable treatments. All injectors regardless of experience (yes even top Plastic Surgeons) have encountered unwanted reactions such as bruising, eyelid ptosis .This is because no matter how well we know the anatomy of the face sometimes  things do not follow the theory that we believe they should!

It’s simply not possible for a practitioner to have a 100% perfect record unless they are only treating 1 client a year! However let’s get this in perspective, as long as you stick with non-permanent products such as juvederm ultra® , dysport®, botox® & vistabel® for example, then we are also talking non-permanent , non-dangerous effects. The most common unwanted effect is bruising. This can be minimised  by the use of pressure, ice, arnica gel and avoidance of medications such as ibuprofen & aspirin but sometimes they will occur. At home continue to use ice and avoid the aforementioned medications, if worried contact your practitioner to let them know. The other unwanted effect that can happen with wrinkle relaxing injections can be arching or indeed heaviness in the eyebrow area, once again don’t panic, let your practitioner know and be aware this will not last long. All that being said as long as you have checked the credentials of your injector you can rest assured that he /she will be doing their utmost to avoid these unwanted effects, after all they want you to come back and to tell your friends!

Golden Rules of Considering Injectables

DO Check your practitioner is registered at  

DON’T   opt for a treatment  a few days before your wedding, audition or holiday. Just like planning a journey, work out how long it takes for the treatment to take effect then add some extra time to allow for any unexpected outcomes, that way by the time your big day arrives you know you will be looking fabulous!  

DO go lightly especially if it’s your first time, you can always add more once you know you like it  

DO remember most treatments take a few weeks to optimise so be patient!   Addictive Aspects I guess this is the trickiest one. Once you are used to seeing the great results obtained by injectables, many people do want to continue. However having said that, the same can be said of any cosmetic / appearance enhancing treatment, dying the grey out of one’s hair, using moisturisers and cleansers, wearing makeup. It does not mean that the average person takes the extreme path shown on the show. Most people are happy with a subtle filler here or a small amount of wrinkle reduction injection there, just enough to hold back the years in such a way that other people notice but nobody actually knows!