What exactly does Botox do?

‘What exactly does Botox do?’ is actually a really, really, really good question. In my experience there is a lot of misunderstanding around this very question.

I still find that people are surprised when I talk about what exactly Botox does. This surprise is focused on the preventative element of Botox. However, that is exactly what Botox does. The first foremost and central focus of Botox (when used to treat wrinkles) is around prevention of new wrinkles or prevention of deepening of existing wrinkles.

What exactly does Botox do?

Now, Botox is a bit of a wonder drug. That actually leads me to the second ‘surprise’. Yes -Botox is a drug or a medication and yes it can only legally be administered  by someone who can legally prescribe medicine. In my case (and that of my fabulous nurse colleagues ) that means we all have a specialist qualification in prescribing. Others that may have a prescribing qualification would be medical professionals. Anyone who is not a medical professional should not legally be giving Botox.

So, Botox is a wonder drug that has many different uses (new uses are being discovered all the time). For wrinkles it basically works by blocking the chemical messenger from the brain to stop the muscles in the face from working so hard.

The key thing with Botox is that it prevents wrinkles. If you are one of those people who say you are waiting until you get older / your wrinkle are worse then you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

When age should you start Botox?

There are two factors for consideration in order to answer this question. Firstly, this is not an age issue (although in the UK you must be at least 18 years old). You are suitable for Botox as soon as you start to notice lines settling into your skin. In other words – if you can see horizontal lines, lines around your eyes or the area where you frown when you are not making any expression then you could consider having Botox.

Secondly – do these signs of growing older actually bother you? If they don’t then stop right there! If, however they do bother you and the thought of them getting worse bothers you then your time is running!

LPA is an award-winning nurse-led clinic. Our philosophy is to help you age in a way that you feel confident and comfortable in yourself. We’re on a mission to win your trust from the off, by making your visit relaxed and easy and ultimately sending you on your way with a natural revitalised and more attractive version of you, so that you’re ready to conquer your world!

We are based in EC1 in the bustle of the city. We are registered with Save Face, the UK aesthetics regulatory body.

How will I look after Botox?

The LPA way is to give you what we like to call ‘the fresh factor’. Our treatment goal (with all of our treatments) is you, but less tired, less angry, less sad, less saggy.

Does Botox hurt?

This treatment is administered by a needle – but it is super fine and therefore really comfortable.

What results can I expect with Botox?

The results do not take effect for around 2-10 days, so initially you will not notice any difference at all.

How long does Botox last?

The results will last around 3 months. For optimum results we do recommend 3 monthly treatments although this is by no means set in stone.

LPA memberships

In order to help manage regular treatments, we do have the option of a non ‘finance’ subscription scheme whereby you can pay monthly. These not only help you to manage your budget but also give you 10% off all other treatments and skincare. You can choose from 3 different options – Silver (£50pcm) Gold (£80pcm) Platinum (£125pcm)


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