Summer Skin Vibes

LPA recommended best summer skin treatments to increase radiance and luminosity in the skin.

Summer skin is about being natural  with minimal makeup & fresh dewy looking skin

Easy right? ‍♀️  

For me personally, makeup has always been a way of expressing oneself, like the way you wear your hair or the style of clothes you choose.

However  for some, makeup acts as coverage for scarring, discoloration, dullness,redness, spots or a combination of everything. Wearing makeup for some people is a ‘must’- providing protection and camouflage.

So it’s not always simply a case of saying ‘it’s summer!!!- time to bin my makeup!!’

If only life was that simple.

Radiant glowy skin as worn by Barbie this summer, is something that we all aspire to, but don’t necessarily know how to achieve.

Having the  freedom to minimise makeup without minimising self confidence is the golden egg. So what can you do to move yourself further along the spectrum towards that Barbie glow?

My top treatment recommendations for summer skin are:

Profhilo – the injectable moisturiser.

The Wow Facial – the ultimate in medical facials.

Cheek filler – enhancing that sculpted look with some delicately placed filler to  provide makeup-free-contouring.

Profhilo can be given with or with Botox and is the ultimate in summer skin. The press love to call this treatment ‘the injectable moisturiser’ and it’s a perfectly-bang-on- description, it does what it says on the tin. If you haven’t experienced this treatment before, it basically stimulates your production of collagen & elastin whilst delivering Hyaluronic Acid just under the skin where it can actually do its hydrating thing. The Hyaluronc Acid molecule is actually too large to be absorbed by creams and so if you are looking for that glow it really does have to be injected.

Treatment cost £500 for 2 sessions

Time to treat – you have 2 sessions 1 month apart, the actual treatment takes around 15 minutes to deliver.

Down time – immediately after treatment you will have small bumps in the treated areas (5 points on each side of the afce- think mosquito bites) which will settle within around 4 hours.

Result – dewy radiant glow looking skin.


The Wow Facial – the most we can do to stimulate your skin without creating any down time. This six stage facial is THE medical facial, hyperpersonalised to ensure that it fits your skin to a tee.

Treatment cost £199

Time to treat – this  6 stage facial will take around an hour to complete 

Down time – nothing at all

Result – dewy radiant glowy looking skin


Cheek filler – creating natural looking contouring by highlight the cheek bone area.

Treatment cost 1ml £400

Time to treat – this treatment will take around 20 minutes to complete

Down time – nothing

Result – sculpted cheek bones giving the face more definition and also creating lift in the lower face



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