‘Can I use one single skincare product?’

One question I am often asked in clinic is ‘Is it possible for one skin care product to look after all of my skin needs?’ 

People will sometimes wander into the clinic or come for a consultation to get a cream, not really knowing what the cream is for or what they want out of it. 

I completely understand this, I compare it to my complete confusion every time I buy a new mascara.

 ‘Do you want longer lashes? Do you want thicker lashes?’ 

 I want it all! Doesn’t everyone? Why would I want one thing? So I understand why people expect everything in one cream.

‘ I want everything. I want it to be anti ageing, I want it to make me look radiant, I want it to stop me breaking out, I want it to take away my pigmentation.’

When we are considering skin care, really what we need to focus on is- what does your skin need? 


Keeping it Simple.

Keeping it simple really just means having a very basic skin regime. 

Cleanse morning & evening.
Apply SPF every day you are planning to go outside.
Use a night cream with active ingredients to improve the efficiency of your skin during the ‘active’ phase at night time.

Upping the Ante.

This would apply to anyone that has skin that they are not entirely happy with. 

So this could be due to a recognised condition such as rosacea or chronic redness, acne, pigmentation. It may simply be that you are after YBS. If you do not know what YBS is – it is my abbreviation for ‘Your Best Skin’. So it may be that you do not have any condition but your goal is to achieve YBS. 

Cleanse morning & evening.
Consider oil control morning & evening.
Exfoliate 3 times / week.
Apply SPF every day you are planning to go outside.
Use a night cream with active ingredients to improve the efficiency of your skin during the ‘active’ phase at night time.


Why is it not possible for all ingredients to be in a single product?

Not all ingredients will still work when mixed in together.
The skin is complex – there are many different processes occurring that result in a spot or wrinkle or patch of pigmentation.
The skin behaves differently at night time than during the day.

Following on from this, I am often asked:

‘Should I stick with a single skincare range?’

It is a good idea. Products have been designed and developed to compliment and work synergistically together.

Using a single range reduces risks of any interactions

Lastly sticking with a single range avoids having 500 different products in your bathroom


Top Tips:

Stick with a single skincare range.
Don’t buy skincare based on a TV or magazine advert.
If you are going to buy one product only – make it a cleanser.

If you would like any individualised skincare advice please book a video consultation with me, Elizabeth Rimmer & lets work toward YBS!

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