The Things You Say That Drive Me Nuts!

We asked Clinical Director to give us her top 5 things that patients say that drive her nuts! Here it is!

5) “ I want a cream to improve my wrinkles, pigmentation, redness and acne with an SPF too!”

Now I get this – but it doesn’t exist! It’s because there are so many different things going on in your skin. Your skin, I’m sure you know, is the largest organ in the body. It’s also the least nourished by the body, The skin’s always lagging behind on getting the benefits from your diet and all of the other things you’re doing. Added to that, the processes that are in place that result in fine lines are different from the processes in place that leads to volume loss are different from the processes in place that lead to pigmentation. They’re different from the processes that lead to breakouts, to oiliness, to redness, to veins. So all of those annoying issues that we get with our skin, unfortunately, result from slightly different processes in the skin. And that tells you why one cream will not do all of those things. And then you want an SPF on the top, like a cherry on the top of the cake, you need to get it separately!

4) “I’m not ready for injectables yet, not at least until I’m 50”.

 If you’re not used to having injectable or aesthetic type treatments, what you won’t realise, is that most of these treatments have a massive preventative element. So in other words, they address the problems before they get too much of a problem. Your ideal time for these kind of treatments is going to be when you are starting to notice changes in the skin that are happening as a result of ageing, not once all the damage is done.

LPA is an award-winning nurse-led clinic. Our philosophy is to help you age in a way that you feel confident and comfortable in yourself. We’re on a mission to win your trust from the off, by making your visit relaxed and easy and ultimately sending you on your way with a natural revitalised and more attractive version of you, so that you’re ready to conquer your world!

We are based in EC1 in the bustle of the city. We are registered with Save Face, the UK aesthetics regulatory body.

3) “But my friend only has xyz”

As much as you may love your best friend, whatever your friend is having is completely irrelevant to you  because what you need is determined by what your face is like, how your ageing journey is progressing, how your skin behaves with regards to hormonal changes and stress and all of the other factors that affect our general health and wellbeing. Nothing else to say on this!

2) ”I’d like 1ml in my lips, cheeks, and could you put a little bit in my chin as well?”

 No. Okay. It’s a no from me.

So 1ml is a tiny, tiny quantity, it’s actually 0.2 of a teaspoon to try and contextualize it visually for you.

It is not enough to use in different parts of the face if you would like to see some benefit.

1) “So I don’t like my skin, but I do like my skincare”

 What? No. How is this possible?

Guys, let me tell you, if you are unhappy with your skin you ARE unhappy with your skincare – take it from me!


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