Emergency Zit Management!

Emergency Spot management Spots can crop up in all kinds of places. We’ve all been there – no matter how good your skin is, that random corker of a spot  that jumps right out of you and acts like a beacon.

Wherever it is, The first rule is do not be tempted to pick – you are way more likely to make the spot look worse even if you manage to expel some of the pus you risk forcing more down deeper & creating redness & swelling. Avoid overwashing the affected area but do keep clean and dry. Try to use a medical skin cleanser rather than soap or standard body wash – medical skin cleansers will be more likely to restore a slightly acidic pH which will reduce the risk of breakouts – bacteria likes to thrive in alkaline environments. Pat dry using a clean soft towel or a fresh piece of kitchen paper. Avoid abrasive cleansers or rubbing with towels, friction may increase redness and potentially even tear any fragile skin covering the spot, increasing its unsightliness. You can try applying ice to the affected area, this will not reduce the length of time the post is visible but may help to reduce redness therefore making it less noticeable. Wrap the ice in a clean cloth, do not apply directly to the skin.

If you have a special event imminently, you may be suitable for a ‘spot shot’. This superficial injection of a small amount of steroid will reduce your spot within 24- 48 hours. If you really need to, try to use mineral makeup to cover blemishes being free from oil, preservatives and fragrance means less irritation for you skin. Do use spot remedies but don’t overdo it or you risk drying the skin out, just a dab is all that is required. If the spot is deep and cystic, this may be of limited value. If you are getting recurrent spots on your face or anywhere on your body, seek specialist advice as it may be that you would benefit from prevention treatment rather than trying to treat the spots once they have occurred.

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