Do Cosmetic Creams Work

At this time of year, we are deluged daily with adverts for cosmetic and beauty products. Cosmetic and beauty products are usually designed in a way to make us feel pampered. They smell nice, feel nice and they are packaged beautifully. The actors and models bestowing these products upon us would have us believe that simply by switching to a specific cream or lotion, we too can be Hollywood beautiful.

Over the last few years some of you will have come across the term cosmeceuticals or medical cosmetics. These are products that have at least some medical evidence that they are effective in treating skin. Beauty products, however, tend to use ingredients which have no scientific evidence to support their claims for what their product will do for your skin.

It is scientific evidence and a lack of it that differentiates medical products from beauty products. To make up for this credibility gap, the more expensive beauty products will use ingredients such as ‘Gold leaf’ or ‘Caviar’. However, whilst sounding rather impressive there is no evidence to suggest that these items, expensive though they are, will result in any changes in your skin.

Medical products contain ‘active’ ingredients. These are ingredients that have been tested in clinical trials and have demonstrated changes at a cellular level. These products are rarely as pleasing in touch, smell or packaging but they are results driven.

The beauty industry is starting to catch on. It is realising that people these days are concerned with results.

You will see some of these beauty products advertising ingredients such as Retinol and Collagen. However, the doses contained will either be:

  • Too small to achieve a result
  • Ineffective in their preparation
  • Contained within packaging that de-activates the ingredients on opening


Products whose ingredients are ‘active’ means that they are present at an effective dose, in an effective form and contained in a suitable container. For the user, these type of products require some guidance in selection. The user may also require a change in the strength of the active ingredient. The stimulation of these ‘active’ ingredients, which will lead to increased tone, smoother texture and increased radiance will not be achieved overnight or without some commitment on the part of the individual.

Today there is skincare out there that actually will address your problems with pigmentation, acne, rosacea but you will not find these stocked on the shelves of your local departent store, regardless of how expensive or alluring.

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