Cleanliness is next to Godliness

This blog is bringing you a very simple message of the importance of skin cleansing. We are all at home not able to access any injectables, any peels or any in-clinic treatments. This is a really good opportunity for me to talk to you about looking after your skin, because there are definitely a good number of my clients that are happy to invest in the injectables and the peels and that side of things whilst the quality of the skin is not that great.  You know who you are!

For me I think you do need to look after both because they go hand in hand, and certainly as you start to age if you are somebody who is having regular treatments, you need to keep the texture of the skin matching the absence of wrinkles and volume loss. Let us use this time in isolation to work on getting the basics right! A quick word about skincare There are a ridiculous number of skincare brands on the market. If you have watched any of my ‘Facebook lives’ before, you will know that I am a ‘medical’ skincare range advocate.  The reason I stock medical skincare is simply because it works. 

Why talk about cleansing?

It is important to remove dirt and make up, it is important to remove oil and debris.   The reason being that it helps to encourage the sloughing away of dead dry skin cells and can help to stimulate circulation.  Perhaps lesser known is that  it will help to ensure that any products that you are using which contain ‘active’ ingredients, get maximum contact with the skin and therefore are more effective.

The ‘Whats?’  I am keeping this really simple and ‘plug free’. 

Use a facial cleanser you can rinse off with water. 

Use tepid water not too hot, not too cold.

Use kitchen paper to pat dry your face.

The ‘Whys?’

A facial cleanser is not your shower gel, not a bar of soap, not just tap water. Use a product that has been developed to cleanse your face with the use of water. Facial cleansers will have a slightly different pH from products such as soap and shower gel. This means that they will have a better effect on the ‘acid mantle’ of your skin. This is the protective element of your skin. It is essential to rinse off products with water for effective cleansing. Should you opt to use wipes, or micellar water, then you are simply moving dirt around and you are depositing the ingredients that are in that wipe or in that micellar water. You might be scraping off some dirt, but it is not thoroughly cleaning your skin. 

Tepid water will reduce any reactions in your skin that are caused by the temperature of water. Heat will stimulate oil production which causes skin problems. Cold can stimulate redness and broken vessels. Tepid water is the perfect temperature for skin health.  

Kitchen Paper is clean. Having immaculately cleansed your skin, you do not want to spoil the effect by using a towel that may be harbouring dirt or bacteria. Patting is the technique that will limit friction in the skin and the resulting oil production, redness and broken veins.

What not to use

Micellar Water


Just water

Unwashed hands



Wash your hands before you start. Wash your face every morning and every evening regardless of what you have been doing.  Wash for one full minute.  Rinse well with tepid water. Pat dry with your kitchen paper.

Questions that commonly crop up in clinic

‘Do I need to use toner?’

Toner may be used to help to remove any last trace of debris and dirt from the skin. If you are cleansing properly it is not required. However, there are many products that are targeting oil and controlling oil, and they can be useful.

Do I need to double cleanse?’

No, not particularly not unless you have got heavy makeup and one wash has not removed it. Do you need to use two separate products for that? No, just keep washing your face until it is clean – simple! ‘

Do I need to scrub?’

Yes in short! Your product of choice may not necessarily be a grainy scrub, it could an enzymatic product. Three times a week is ideal to help exfoliate and lift away dead skin cells will help with the general glow of your skin, radiance and will help to prevent kind of breakouts. 

‘Do I need to use cloths or electronic cleansing devices?’ Cloths, electronic devices are not essential. In fact they may harbour bacteria and be detrimental.. Disposable cloths have an environmental impact. Electronic cleansing devices can be too aggressive especially if used more than three times a week and not kept scrupulously clean.

Wash your face, you really do not need to over complicate this!

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