Buffologist or Party Boy?

Recently whilst discussing wedding skin prep, it occurred to me that I feel like most men do not really do much to prepare for a massive red-carpet event.

I think that men are under the illusion that splashing a bit of water on their face is all they need to do for such an occasion.

So, gents, I need to let you in to a secret that most people in the public eye who have these big red-carpet events are doing stuff to their skin. I understand that it may be foreign territory for men, but it is actually becoming really normal. So, whether it is somebody a bit more obvious, like David Beckham, and, obviously he is up to all the grooming tricks in the book. But, then you have got people like Anthony Joshua, who quite openly will talk about the kind of things that he is doing to his skin.

So, I do not want to be offensive here, but, I have a theory that we have three kind of groups of men. So, are you ready for this?  We have got three camps. So, the first one I’m going to call the buffologists.

A buffologist is basically the dude that is at the gym 24/7. He is pumping iron, he has got that real competitive streak, he really cares about his body, he is taking all the supplements and the protein shakes, and probably has got a reasonably high power job.

Then we have got the party boy. So, the party boy is the guy who has got a big night out on Thursday, is hiding under his desk at the office on Friday, waiting for it to all start again on Friday night, and then see it right through till Sunday.

My third group is a combination of the two. So, one foot in each club, one foot in buffology, one foot in party land, overall he is somewhere in the middle.

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I am only joking, you know that I do not really think that you gents are that simple! I mean, obviously you are way more complex than that. My point is this, whatever it is that you are into, you are ageing and changing in the same way as women do. 

Whether you are super healthy or whether you are hitting it hard and burning the candle at both ends, you cannot stop the effects of ageing and hard graft. Most of us have to work really hard these days, long hours, we have all got emails on our phones. Gone are the days of going home at five o’clock with no work until nine o’clock the following morning.

So, all of this stuff is affecting facial volume, affecting fine lines, affecting the tone and texture of the skin. I have talked previously about the emotional attributes these translate into – making you look angrier, making you look more tired, making you look saggier, making you look more miserable.

Whatever your lifestyle choices, these things are going to affect you every bit as a man, as a woman. 

If you are starting to look more tired, angry, saggy, miserable, get in touch and find out how we can help you.


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