What to expect before & after filler treatment?

What to expect before & after filler treatment Before moving into the before & after care with fillers, here are the three most common questions I get asked about fillers generally:

Q: What are fillers?

A: Fillers are a gel like substance made from hyaluronic acid. They are intended to give volume or to fill out deep lines.  

Q: How long do fillers last?

A: This really is very much dependent on where in your face you’re having the filler treatment and which particular product is being used. It can be anything from six months to eighteen months.  

Q: How much do they cost?

A: Again, it’s really hard to say without seeing you in the flesh and getting a feel for what you actually want. It’s also dependent on where in the face and which product. There are lots of different factors will affect the cost.  

Before your treatment

Book a consultation  

So whether that be a video consultation, which is nice because it means you don’t actually have to come to the clinic and we go through all of the same things on video that we would in the flesh, discuss your aims, advise you, get you on the right treatment plan. A consultation is going to help you to get the right treatment, the right volume and have the right expectations.   Plan plan, plan The more you plan, the better you’ll get out of everything, because the more comfortable you’ll feel, the more relaxed you’ll feel and that always leads to a better result. Anything aesthetics- planning is a really, really good thing to get into the habit of.   Avoid things that make you more likely to bruise  For around  24 hours before treatment, avoid things like drinking alcohol, taking medications such as aspirin, ibuprofen. If you are on a medication, that’s a regular daily regime- discuss this in your consultation, to get personalised advice beforehand. you more likely to bruise.   Time Allow plenty of time. Allow plenty of time for your journey to the clinic. This is again around making your experience as relaxed as possible. That way you don’t turn up super-stressed out, fraught, anxious heart racing, blood pressure up. Also plenty of time for the actual process itself. This way you’re not looking at the clock, you’re not freaking out, you’re not worrying that you’ve got to rush back for a meeting. The more relaxed you are, the less uncomfortable you will find treatments and the less nerve wracking. The whole experience is much better if you’re in a relaxed frame of mind.   Arrive makeup free I appreciate that this is not always that easy for you, but if you can arrive makeup free, it does make the process easier. The skin is cleaner. Obviously we always cleanse your skin before we treat, but it just makes life a little bit easier if the skin is free from makeup at the starts   Face coverings Face coverings at the moment, you need to wear inside the clinic because of the pandemic, but actually we are discovering that they cover a multitude of sins! So they’re actually quite a good thing at the moment when people are coming for treatments and they feel slightly self-conscious leaving, nobody knows a thing when you have a face covering!   After your treatment Keep in touch This one is really important and it’s really simple. Keep in touch. So what does that mean? If you are worried about something, just let us know. We are here to help. I want to hear from you. I definitely don’t want you at home worrying about something. So even if it’s super-daft or something you’ve just seen in a magazine on the way home or something somebody said, or the way somebody feels. Whatever it is, just get in touch with us. It’s really easy. You know where we are, you can contact us in all the usual ways, phone, email, we’ve got our social media platforms. So just get in touch.    Avoid things that make you more likely to bruise So, you do this in the pre-care and you do this in the post-care. On the run-up to treatment you want to avoid alcohol and medications that thin your blood, aspirin, ibuprofen, and you want to do that for about 24 hours before your appointment and also for around 48 hours after. If you take regular daily medication, get individualised advice on this matter. Plan Expect and factor in some ‘downtime’. Don’t plan a treatment when you’ve got an important event the next day. Even though it doesn’t happen a lot, it’s better just to expect that you will bruise, because if you do that, you’re going to plan well, you’re not going to be super-anxious, because you’ve got something really important on, because you’ve already factored it in. Also filler results will just look better after a few weeks. So, you will see the results immediately but you will find that the after a few weeks the look improves, the result improves.   Summary So basically, summarising that. Planning is just key for any aesthetic treatments. You may, get a little bit of downtime. Remember that it’s going to look at its best after a good couple of weeks, not immediately. We are not miracle makers, but you can expect amazing results, great results, results that you’re happy with. Those are my top tips for getting the most out of your filler treatment. Please get in touch if you have any questions or comments!

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