Alternative uses for ‘Botox’

Botulinum Toxin (‘botox’) is a purified protein that blocks the signals that the brain sends to the muscles. This prevents the muscles from ,meaning that when your facial expression changes the overlying skin appears smoother and unwrinkled. Untreated muscles in the face work as normal allowing a normal range of expression. Botulinum Toxin has been used safely in medicine since the 1970s. In the 1990s it’s aesthetic benefits were discovered and the rest, as they say, is history.

Wrinkle reduction treatments are typically used to treat three main areas, the forehead, the frown and crow’s feet. However Botox, or in smaller doses sometimes called “Baby Botox” can also be successfully used to correct other mild facial presentations.

‘Gummy Smile’

By injecting above the top lip, the appearance of a gummy smile is improved as the resulting effect is a lowering of the top lip during smiling when the muscles are usually contracting.

‘Cobbled chin’

Again by careful placement of several injections, the ‘cobbled chin’ can be smoothed away.

‘Happy mouth’

The muscles around the mouth, can with age start to draw down the corners of the mouth giving the impression of being sad even when you’re not. Over time, heavy shadowing adds to this with the loss of volume under the lower lip. Using ‘Botox’, the muscles dragging down the corners of the mouth are relaxed, resulting in a happy mouth!

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‘Bunny lines’

Some people can develop strong lines on the sides of the nose during the action of smiling, as with all ‘active lines’, with time these can become ‘static lines’. Using ‘botox’ at the sides of the nose can reduce the impact of the muscle and result in smoother skin.

Ageing neck

As we age our necks can become somewhat ‘scrawny’ in appearance, especially for slim people. This can add years on and have a negative impact on the appearance as a whole. The Nefertiti neck lift (named after the Egyptian queen with the famously beautiful neck) uses small injections of ‘Botox’ to relax the muscles in the neck, allowing the neck to appear more full and less ‘scrawny’.


Careful placement of ‘botox’ can successfully reduce the appearance of jowls and ‘tighten’  the jaw line. Eyebrow Lift ‘Botox’ can be used above the eyebrows to create an arch and enhance the eyes.

Excessive sweating

For people who perspire excessively ‘Botox’ injections will block the sweat glands and can provide not only a physical resolution but also provide the sufferer with a new lease of life without having to be constantly embarrassed about sweating.


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