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50% Discount for removal of lumps & bumps throughout August 2015

Posted on 11 August, 2015

We hope you have been enjoying the good weather as much as we have! We are delighted to bring to you a 'once only' opportunity this month for removal and reduction of lumps and bumps using Thermolysis.This minimally invasive treatment uses a fine needle with an energy current passed through. The treatment can be used to remove or visibly reduce the appearance of: Moles Sebaceous Cysts Thread Veins Skin Tags Milia Blood spots Verrucas Warts Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra Age Spots & Hyperpigmentation Sebaceous Hyperplasia Syringoma Xanthoma Mole and cyst reduction is usually priced at £250 (£50 for each additional mole)All other treatments are priced according to length of time for treatment,  £100 for under half an hour, £200 for over half an hour.  AUGUST ONLY - 50% DISCOUNT ON ALL THERMOLYSIS TREATMENTS. THIS OFFER WILL NOT BE REPEATED!