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10 Things you should know about Botox

Posted on 29 November, 2022

10 things you should know about Botox

......Do you?

1. Botox is a ‘prescription only’ medication. This one is a fact that some of you may know, but many of you don’t. Why does it matter? As a ‘prescription only medication’ this treatment should only be administered by a medical professional with a prescribing qualification. Of course, you can choose to have your injectables administered by anyone, but our patients understand the importance of being treated by fully qualified, fully insured, fully regulated nurses who treat with skill, knowledge and integrity.

2. Botox can be a little unpredictable. That means we can treat the same face, with the same doses, placed in the same spots and get slight variations withe results.

3. Not all Botox is the same! Botox is actually a brand name - similar in the way that people sometimes refer to ‘Kleenex’ instead of tissues or a ‘hoover’ rather than a ‘vacuum cleaner’. Botox the brand is the brand of choice at LPA. It is regarded as the gold standard within the industry - and that is good enough for us!.

4. ‘Baby Botox’ simply refers to using very small doses spread across the face for a natural but effective way to freshen up your look. This is an approach that we often use with Botox nowadays but people sometimes think that this is something very niche or even a special type of Botox.

5.Botox can be used to increase your pout in the ‘lip flip’ technique. This involves using very small doses just beyond the lip line, making the lip appear a little poutier without the use of any filler.

6. In theory you actually need less Botox not more as you age. This applies to those of you who have regular treatment over years. The reason is that because your muscles are not able to work as hard, the muscle starts to shrink, therefore requiring smaller doses of Botox to achieve the same effect.

7. Botox is a super effective treatment to stop sweating. If you suffer with excessively sweaty armpits, you will likely have tried many of the products available to help with the problem and discovered that they are either ineffective or effective but with intolerable side effects. Botox to stop sweating, is a revelation. The treatment is straight forward, highly effective and with very little by way of side effects. Long sufferers of this embarrassing condition are typically blown away by results.

8. Botox can be used for those who clench their teeth. Whether it’s causing dental problems, discomfort caused by the tension, or increasing the bulk of the jaw muscle, Botox is the number one treatment option.

9. Botox can be used to improve the look of a cobble stone chin and to rejuvenate ageing necks.

10. Botox can be used to shrink enlarged pores and help control oily skin by using it in superficial needling device such as in the Wow Fusion - this gives a completely different effect not affecting the muscle strength at all but leaving you with clearer less shiny looking skin.

How many of these were you already aware of?